The Engagement Tale Of Two Entrepreneurs - A Photographer & A Wedding Planner

The Engagement Tale Of Two Entrepreneurs - A Photographer & A Wedding Planner

Hello everyone! I am Kiruthika. I am a very passionate business woman. It means a lot to me. My business is a wholesale dealership of Chocolates and Biscuits in Tamil Nadu. I am also a part of an event management company named Samprathaaya. It so happened that it was through my business that I met my fiancé.  My fiancé Vignesh is a professional photographer and the man behind iFotos Photography.

We met in a function and the very first conversation we had was about the pictures he took. I had asked him for a few of them so that I could put it up on my page. After a week of waiting, I called him to follow up on the pictures. That’s where it all started.  Initially, we were just friends but after getting to know each other, we fell in love. In one year’s time, we spoke to our respective families and sealed our love. They accepted our proposal sooner than we expected.

In no time our families started discussing our engagement. I was a little hesitant because my father is no more and I take care of everything, so I wanted my sister to get married first. But my mom was very keen on me getting married first and so here I am, a Bride to be.

Everything happened so quickly that we hardly had any time for planning. Our engagement took place in Vivera Grand, Dindigul. I wore a beautiful blue saree bought from @varamahalakshmi-silks# in Chennai and then a red one from @tulsi-silks-1#. My fiancé’s outfits were from Van Huesen, Bangalore.  My blouses were fashioned by Roopa Mahesh who has a boutique name @la-cerise# in Dindigul. She did a fabulous job. My jewellery were from Ganesh Jewelley in Karur and Vasavi Jewellery in Dindigul. My makeup was by Vani from @salon-manthra#. The décor was done by Samprathaaya in Dindigul , my own partnership. Finally for photos and videos it was my Fiance’s group which is @ifotos-photography# who made us look all the more perfect.

I would also like to add that I am an avid follower of Shopzters and a big fan too. I took a lot of inspirations for my hair and blouse from the website. I also suggest Shopzters to my friends. Thank you for inspiring all the brides to be!