The Sweet Divya And Her Sneaky, Determined And Very-Much-In-Love Ram!

The Sweet Divya And Her Sneaky, Determined And Very-Much-In-Love Ram!

It if it meant to be, nothing or no one can stop that! Everything falls into place, and things just happen! This could probably be the tag line for the engagement story of Divya and ‘Man-with-a-mission’ Ram. Why do we call him that you ask? Well, to find out, you will have to read on! *wink wink*

“I first met Ram on a matrimony site. I have a lot of close friends, and being girls, we obviously did a lot of ‘Facebook stalking’ on the internet! The funny part was, he soon found out we were doing it and he actually made the first move and pinged me on Messenger! That was how we met. We decided to get to know one another and then involve our parents and after getting to know each other and talking for a few days, he was like ‘You are the one for me!’ and I had a jaw drop moment! *ha ha*”

So you said okay to him immediately? We ask.

“No, actually I needed a little more time, but Ram was so sneaky! He was at the USA and so was my brother. He went, met them and totally wooed them! He did the same with all my friends as well, and I could not help but be impressed and touched by all the effort he was going through for me! Finally, to get that ‘Yes’ from me, he booked his tickets to India for 4th of September and was going to come over and see me. That was it for me! I said ‘Yes!!!’ a week before that. It was on a Sunday.

Then what happened?

“Then, we told our parents, and then! Came the shocker. We were to get engaged on the Sunday after he landed. So to avoid confusion, I said yes on a Sunday, the next Sunday he was landing here and the third Sunday, we were getting engaged! So I had exactly 2 weeks to plan my engagement! Phew! It was a ginormous task indeed! But thanks to my family and friends, we did it and loved every moment of it!

So please tell us about your shopping expedition. Quick though it was, the effect was super awesome!

“Thank you so much! I want to thank Shopzters for sharing my story, its’ an immense pleasure!  Let me start with the list!

Saree – Both the Saree’s were from @sundari-silks#! I loved that place and would suggest it to all my brides!

Blouse- It was from this place called Lakshana, at Mugappeir. She got it done in a week and it look soo good!

Make-up – It was done by Viji at @bronzer-bridal-makeup-artist#. I did a lot of research for this, and totally loved the experience with Viji. She is super friendly and has a personal touch. She made me feel super comfortable!

Photography – It was done by Ashok Arsh @aa-photography#. He is a friend and frankly, I was in talks with him for my brothers’ wedding! Then one fine day, I call him and say ‘Ji, I am getting engaged, are you free?’ he laughed out loud, teased me a little and told me he would do it as he was free! I was on cloud 9.

Decorations - The décor was done by Jenny at @red-thread-events# and I simply loved it! We gave her the full ownership and she added so many elements to the entire design, it made the ambience look so much better, that too in just 3 days! A huge thank you to Jenny for this!