Then They Fell In Love With Each Other’s ‘Love For Music’!

Then They Fell In Love With Each Other’s ‘Love For Music’!

Music does more than just comforting; it makes people fall in love. We’ve got Hari and Deepa, a lovely couple from Airtel Super Singer Show with their sweet love story. We also heard that Hari tied knots with the love of his life and on the same day returned to the show to perform, proving his great love for music too!

They seem to love music so much that in the process, they’ve fallen in love with each other’s ‘love for music’! No wonder Deepa took like 5 minutes to say ‘yes’ when he popped up ‘The Question’! Don’t miss out on how it all happened! Hi, this is Deepa. My hubby Hari and I are both Singers/ IT professionals. Our passion towards music got us together.
8 years back, he saw me singing in the television and spoke to me via social networking site (Orkut). We became good friends and we could talk and talk for hours together because we had so many common interests.

After a few months we both knew that we were destined to be much more than friends. He proposed and I said yes in just five minutes :) Our parents said "yes" too and we had the liberty to choose when to get married. Eight years passed like eight seconds.

One day, he looked me in my eyes and said, "Let's get married now. I am done with us being apart and from now on I want you beside me, in my house." And, I had a broad smile in my face and I said, "It took you so long to say this?"

And then, traditionally marriage process started with "ponnu paakara function". We got engaged in Feb, 2015 and our marriage was fixed for Nov, 2015.

I had nine full months of gap in between my engagement and marriage. To start with the engagement, we had our rings specially made for us in Prince Jewellery. We designed it and they made for us.

During those nine full months, I didn't waste any time. First two months, I researched about various vendors and picked few. I started with shopping clothes, of course. Believe it or not, I finished my entire wedding sarees shopping in just 3 hours. I took only my mom with me and selected all sarees which I liked. So, it made the entire process very easy. I picked my muhurtham madisar in Nalli, T Nagar, most of my other sarees from Kalanikethan, Forum mall and two sarees from Palam Silks, T Nagar.

I must say that Palam silks had very trendy collection but I could choose only two from the entire lot. My vote goes to @kalanikethan# because I've been a loyal customer to them and they've never disappointed me. I would buy the entire shop if I could.

And then, I got my reception gown designed by "The Fair Lady Designer", Anna nagar. The designer gave me exactly what I wanted. My friends always say that my life is a fairytale. So I thought, why not look like one in my reception. I am an online shopping freak. I got the necklace set for my gown online from

My man got his suit stitched by Tailorman and his wine red suit looked fab with my peachy pink gown.

My makeup and hair for reception and muhurtham was done by Akriti from Mesmereyes Makeup. Everybody who came up to the Diaz to congratulate us, told that my outfit, makeup and hair looks just perfect. I did my own makeup for all the other occasions and hair by Tony and Guy, Essentuals.

Hari and I are photo lovers and no matter how busy we are, we ensure that we get enough pictures from the occasion. After a lot of research, we booked "Raghu Photography". Right from the pre-wedding photo-shoot, for which we went to Pondicherry - Day 1 and choki dhani - Day 2 till marriage, their energy levels didn't come down. These guys have immense passion towards photography and I would give big thumbs up for them if you ask me.

How can I forget about Mehendi. I had decided long back that my wedding Mehendi will be done be Ayisha Mehendi Designer. She did a great job as usual and she was so professional. I wish I could get married again to the same person to get my Mehendi done by her again ;)

I've got many queries from brides-to-be regarding the vendors who worked for my marriage. One repeated question from almost everybody was where I got my blouses stitched. All my blouses were machine embroidery and not hand embroidery. I decided not to spend too much on my blouses long back. I wanted them to be elegant but not too simple. Next to my house, there is a person who does machine embroidery and I was just so impressed with his work. He designs and does the embroidery and blouse stitching at another shop next to him. So, for every blouse, stitching was done by Usha and embroidery was done be Iqbal and, I got grand and elegant blouses for a very economical price.

Catering for our wedding was done by Sri Gomathi Sankar Catering Service. Food was beyond delicious and reception spread was so good that until now people who came for my wedding talk about the food. They give importance to every detail in the wedding and my parents were tension free. They have done catering for many weddings in my family and so we didn't enquire about any other catering service. Once the marriage date was confirmed, we immediately booked Sri Gomathi Sankar Catering Service.

Our wedding was held in Sri Vishnu Mahal, Vadapalani and decoration was done by Ramesh. I've always dreamt of a center stage for muhurtham and that's exactly what I got too.

To suit my gown and his suit, we wanted a white based backdrop decor for my reception and he did a fabulous job.

We had an LED dance floor for Sangeeth. I got my Sangeeth lehenga from Bhavana's, Sowcarpet.

I rented my muhurtham and Sangeeth jewels from 'Sri Swarna Prabhu Jewllery'. They have amazing collection. You name it, they have it. I rented antique for muhurtham and kundan for Sangeeth.

Our reception and Sangeeth were perfect with DJ Zen. He made everybody get up and dance. This usually rarely happens at a Brahmin wedding.

Of course, for every girl the most memorable moment in marriage will be the "thali kattu". But, other than that, one moment which makes me smile every time I think about it is that after I got dressed for reception, Hari and I walked hand in hand from the entrance of the hall to the stage and the DJ played my favorite ARR songs when we walked.

For a second, I had tears in my eyes, unable to believe that we both were actually getting married finally after so many years.

To brides-to-be - My mantra for clear skin is CTM(Cleansing, toning, moisturizing). I started doing this everyday morning after bath and night before bed and it gave me great results. Make sure to buy good quality products for this.

Since my husband is on a TV show now, we weren't able to go for a long honeymoon trip. So, we went for a weekend trip to Oceans Spray, Pondicherry. When we find time later, we are planning to go to Phuket, Thailand.