Time to follow the 'Shirt Jacket' Trend!

Time to follow the 'Shirt Jacket' Trend!

Are you someone who is always on a look out for latest trends when it comes to fashion? Well then, the much talked about 'Shirt Jacket' trend is just for you. All you have to do is pick up your favorite saree and style it with a really cool 'Shirt Jacket' and you are ready to be the 'fashionista' that you are. We have curated some amazing styles spotted around us to give you the inspiration for your next outfit.

Image Source: Iamgazal

White and Cherry: A combo to die for!


Image Source: Femina

Loving the gorgeous shirt jacket paired with a white saree!


Image Source: Kalki
We have already saved this for our next function. Have you?



Image Source: Pinterest

Such playful colours, much wow!


Image Source: Pinterest

Carry it with style, Make your own statement!



Image Source: Pinterest

Keep it floral, Keep it subtle.



Image Source: Pinterest

Cool denim jackets can never be out of trend!



Image Source: Pinterest

Pair it right and stand out of the crowd!


Image Source: Pinterest

Perfect style for the 'Boss Woman'.



Image Source: Pinterest

Subtle colours for the subtle you!



Image Source: Shantanu Nikhil

How classy is this 'Shirt Jacket' trend?


Image Source: Talking Threads

Floral jackets with a pastel saree for the win!



Image Source: Urban Clap

As Royal as it could have been!



Image Source: Vogue India

Mustard saree paired with a long jacket is Oh so 'Vogue-ish'.


Image Source: Saumya Fashion Wanderlust

When nothing else works, trust pastel colours and style them right!