About Us


From the immense support, trust and confidence bestowed on us by our loyalists, we at Shopzters have taken a step further from wedding planning into embarking yet another glorious and beautiful journey. Shopzters is now the perfect destination for shopping with a variety of options to choose from.

 We at Shopzters are here to provide our customers with a never ending experience of sophisticated masterpieces of craftsmanship from the best of retailers, manufacturers and suppliers across the country. We want to give our customers a memorable shopping experience by sourcing products.

About me: 

Prasitha Sridhar, Founder - Shopzters 

An engineer by profession, I worked for a while at an IT job before I got married and moved to London. While it was all a new amazing life in London, at one point I knew I wanted to do something with the passion I’ve always had for shopping and working with weddings. What started off with a blog about my own wedding shopping which became a website where people wanted to get featured on! That’s when I initiated ‘Shopzters’ with my mother and introduced it as a South Indian Wedding Planning & Shopping website.

During ideation, Shopzters did not really sound practical to many people, but I was insistent on following my passion. So I started blogging during my pregnancy and Shopzters got in full swing right after my daughter was born. All my efforts in those 4 months paid off and here I am, watching Shopzters reach out to so many people around the world!

 I start my day by managing the entire household work along with the baby. Managing a child and a startup at the same time might not be an easy task, but I love it this way. I think my passion and my commitment to that passion is what drives me to look forward to new things every day.

My inspiration to start this blog, I must say, came from my friends. A number of my friends who loved everything about my wedding – be it sarees, make-up, decoration, food and photography were in touch with me periodically to know more about them. It was a real pleasure to be helpful in fulfilling the dreams of these young maidens.

As I started writing the blog in April 2013, Shopzters became the first ever South Indian Wedding Website/ Blog. This was a huge motivating factor as I have always been a crazy wedding lover.

Glistening with pride, the brides have all enjoyed every moment of their wedding, though I take pride in saying ‘with a wee bit of my help!’ That was when this idea of creating a blog to help the brides to be, flashed across and SHOPZTERS was born!

After eight months of blogging, I decided to take the next step. And Shopzters was launched as a wedding planning website catering to the needs of to-be-weds on December 12,2013. After 8 years, Shopzters is now an e-commerce portal with a variety of options for today's women and her kids. I take this moment to thank each one of our followers, readers, customers, vendors and service providers for being with us in this incredible journey. Stay along and with your support, we will stride to do better each day!