20 Best Mehendi Design Ideas For Your Big Day!

20 Best Mehendi Design Ideas For Your Big Day!

Don’t you love that smell of freshly ground Mehendi on your hands? We sure do! And no Indian wedding is complete without it. Mehendi on a bride’s wedding day is of prime importance and these works of art that adorn her hands, arms and feet truly make her stand apart from the rest of the crowd. It is beautiful how a simple dye can totally change how one looks! Mehendi comes in so many different styles- ranging from the simple 5 dot traditional style to more intricate ones and of course the famous Arabic style and now, even geometric and Moroccan styles. Some brides like it just up to their palms and some go all the way up to the elbow and even further! We see a lot of our brides even flaunting minimalist designs and some with the entire design surrounding their initials or even now, famously so, their wedding hashtags! Here are a few of our favourite mehendi designs we spotted on our brides!


Rani portraits on our palms? Yes please! 

Photography by 1 Plus 1 Studio 


What a cool way to incorporate your Wedding Hashtag into your Mehndi! We love this quirky idea!

Photograph sourced from Pinterest/Google


This classic super symmetrical design has our heart. We love! 

 Photography by Light Bucket Productions 


Don't our feet deserve some luxe Mehandi lovin' too? This minimal design looks amazing on this stunner's feet!

Photography by Light Bucket Productions 


We love when the Raja Rani portraits find their way into the bride's Mehndi!

 Photography by Aashish


The symmetry on this beautiful bride's hands is just stunning! 

Photography by Cinnamon


Our royal heritage right on our skin! What better way to flaunt it than this? 

Photograph sourced from Pinterest/Google 


We love the intricate Mehendi designs on this beauty's feet!

Photography by Foto Freaks 


North Indian Mehndi meets South Indian tradition! Don't you love how the silver band shines through amidst a deep crimson background?

Photography by Foto Freaks 


Don't you love that moment right before your Mehendi is dry and your anticipation runs high about how dark your Mehendi will be!

Photography by Light Bucket Productions  


Minimal perfection! We love this fuss-free bride who decided to go the classy way!

Photography by Once Upon A Time-Wedding Tales


Another picture-perfect Raja rani portrait with inspiration drawn from the Rajasthan ghats!

Photography by Pixelena studio


Raja Rani portraits are one thing, but recreating the real couple portraits is a whole other level!

Photography by Silon Talkies


We are pretty sure the groom also wanted some attention because the bride is totally stealing the light with her amazing mehendi!

Photography by Smiley Media


Intricate jali design on this beauty's feet! 

Photography by The Con Artists 


How adorable is this? All thanks to the Photographer's creativity!

Photography by Vijay Eesam 


A real wedding represented on both the hands! We applaud the work behind this!

Photography by Vivek Krishnan 


Peacocks are so integral to every Indian design, aren't they?

Photography by Yeluguri