5 Bachelorette Getaway Ideas That Guarantee Fun

5 Bachelorette Getaway Ideas That Guarantee Fun

Before a bride gets married, she deserves some fun time with her best friends. Marriage isn't jail, but your priorities might change after the wedding and so you must make this last outing of yours as a single lady memorable.

Go Camping This is advisable if you are a bunch of fit girls who love to rough it out. It also promises to be a surreal experience for you, sleeping under the stars in a tent you made yourself. Sounds fruitful, doesn't it? Build yourself a campfire, sing and talk about your childhood memories or just exchange horror stories till none of you can sleep.                                             6c2eccb04ec97e08b10b2e46f70542be

Take the Road For the gang of girls who love adventure, take a road trip to a city that none of you have been to before. Drive yourself, sing along to Britney Spears, sign up for adventure sports and get lost. Don't tour the city, live in it as you would, dine with the locals and visit their favourite spots, Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara style.                                                                                       297142d455a3848cbbd929f7b5cad683

Old School Sleepover If your besties and you are short on time and can spare only a night to have the most amazing bachelorette party ever, fret not, nothing can even win over the old school sleepover. Watch a romantic comedy, talk about boys, have a lot of ice cream and even try baking. The night is filled with possibilities.


Dress Up Every girl loves being photographed, so organise a photoshoot themed party for you and your girls. Stock up on props like funny sunglasses, furry scarfs and pluck-cards, you could even pick out outfits from Halloween stores for you guys to try on. All you need is a room and a professional photographer and you're good to go.


Pool Party You don't necessarily need to own a pool for this, you could always book one at a club and call over all your girls to beat the heat with a chilled-out pool party. Just check up on the weather and the possibilities of rain beforehand and go hand-pick yourself a gorgeous swim-suit to flaunt. 9af3697a863953e7231fef66f3d47c4f