5 Ways To Make Your Friends Feel Included In Your Celebrations

5 Ways To Make Your Friends Feel Included In Your Celebrations

Marriage is often treated as a family affair, but what about those friends who have been a part of every important moment in your life. Your best friend who was the first to know that you'd found your to-be groom, who watched you graduate high school and then college, she deserves to be a part of your wedding as much as your family members do. So don't make the mistake of ignoring your friends or making them feel unwanted, we bring you 5 easy ways in which you can make your friends feel more included in your celebrations:

The Dance Factor

Bring in a choreographer who can organise an entire dance routine for your sangeet. And ask him/her to pair your friends and cousins together, this way they get to know each other and nobody feels left out or less important. You get a party where all your friends sing and dance for you, and they get the joy of putting up an amazing show in your honour.dance

A Destination Wedding

This is for those who have a close knit group of friends and don't want too many people crowding their wedding. Take them with you to a secluded island, along with your closest family members and have a fun wedding filled with positivity and people who honestly care. You can turn the wedding into a week-long vacation with games and DJ nights organised for everybody attending.destination wedding

Cocktail Night

Organise a party, complete with a DJ and a lit-up dance floor exclusively for your friends and closest relatives. It can be on a small scale, with an in-house band held in your backyard. But make sure that you personally invite everybody for this event because it is show them that their presence makes a difference to you and you want them to be there exclusively.Cocktail (2)

Bachelor / Bachelorette 

Hold a bachelor or bachelorette party with your friends, hold games, go on a road trip or spend an entire night partying. The point is to let them know that they will always be a part of your fun moments no matter where you are. You soon-to-be other half isn't invited, it's just you and your buddies painting the town red.


Put Them In-Charge

If you have a reliable set of friends then trust them and put them in-charge of something at your functions. The most common things are drinks, music and make-up, give your entire group of friends the responsibility to take care of one of these things, and watch them feel included and special on your wedding day.work