5 Ways To Re-use Your Old Silk Saree

5 Ways To Re-use Your Old Silk Saree

Every silk saree your mother own probably has some beautiful memories and an interesting story attached to it, so when it is passed on to you, it should become a part of your wardrobe no matter how old it is or in what condition it is. We give you 5 easy ways to save your precious silk saree: Anarkali Now this idea isn't very original, because many designers have based off collections on the kanjeevaram silk cloth and these clothes look absolutely stunning. Plus, they make great formal wear and all you have to do is make sure that the edges are clean and folded in, also that your saree is long enough to be used in such a way on your body. We have used entire 6 meters of a black chandheri saree and had beautiful rhinestone embroidery done on the front and back neck, the dupatta which was made separately had some ice tassels attached to it," says Mana design studio. anarkali anarkali2anarkali1  

Kurta or Top This is where you can get really creative and explore with different designs. You could make your kurta contemporary or traditional by strategically placing the border. Get a Chinese collar or a V-Neck with borders across, experiment to your heart''s content. If you want to turn it into a western outfit then, Old pattu sarees are treasured because they always have mother's or grandmother's memories attached to them, so we wouldn't want them thrown away. You can make an entire outfit out of a saree, the body can be used for the plazzo and the pallu can be utilised as the crop-top, they are in and also look really smart",says the Paon Mitra Designer studio.


kurta top


Skirt If you are somebody who wears more western clothing than traditionally Indian, then you could team a skirt made from a silk saree with a top to give it that indo-western vibe. This is a great idea if you have wide hips, because long skirts are perfect for your body type. skirt3skirt2skirt1skirtskirt4

Dress For all those young girls who want to keep the authenticity of their mom's old saree alive, this makes a very chic outfit. But this would only look good on body hugging dresses, not too tight but made to fit you in all the right places, you could go for a flared skirt though as the fabric pleats beautifully. When we asked Mana Design Studio, they had a story to share with us, Our dear client brought an Assam silk saree and wanted us to make two dresses for her daughters out of it. For the elder one we made the top using the pally and for the bottom we used a smart chandheri fabric. We also used of the 'sungu' on the sleeves and yoke. If you want to make your outfit Indo-western, add a palu on one side flowing out of the dress to give it a saree-inspired design. dressdress2dress3SONY DSCdress4   Dupatta or Scarf This should be your last resort, if your saree is beyond saving and all you have are bit and pieces across the saree that are still in a good condition. Get it stitched in an asymmetrical pattern to create something unique, in this case you can mix and match 3-4 designs of contrasting colours or similar colour palettes to create an interesting scarf. dupatta1dupatta dupatta2 dupatta3  

Pictures' Source : Gaurang Shah, Bhargavi Kunam, Golden Threads, Pinterest