6 Unique Backdrop Decor Ideas! Let's Get Creative People

6 Unique Backdrop Decor Ideas! Let's Get Creative People

Backdrop ideas have turned over a new leaf, quite literally! We are seeing a lot of weddings where decorators are getting very creative by using Banana leaves, Betel leaves, Lotus leaves, racks of flowers and photo frames! We see usage of Tanjore Paintings, artfully placed. In weddings where the brides are artists themselves; their paintings are a part of the décor itself! They give a very light and fresh feeling to the décor and it can be such fun! Here are a collection of pictures that we found to be very inspiring. Have a look and get creative at your wedding!

Banana Leaves:

Who would have thought they make an amazing alternative choice as a backdrop prop? They looks awesome!


Betel Leaves:

If you feel like having a Paan, you know where to go! *wink wink* Jokes apart, this is a very creative idea!

A Rack With Flowers And Photo Frames:

Photo frames are taking a new identity in the world of decor! They can be mixed and matched with various props, like flowers here for instance!

Tanjore Paintings:

There maybe many different kinds of paintings, but Tanjore paintings are close to our hearts!

Paintings By Bride Herself:

Is doing artwork your talent? Do you have a lot of handmade paintings around your room? It's time to bring it out of the closet and show it to the world! 

Lotus Leaves:

We certainly were amazed by the usage of these leaves, but having said that, we cannot help but admire the way it is used! Lovely!