A Simple Yet Chic Telugu Wedding Of A Sweet Couple

A Simple Yet Chic Telugu Wedding Of A Sweet Couple

Hello Everyone! I'm Teju and my husband is Shashi. Ours is an arranged marriage. I was introduced to Shashi by my parents when I was in my final semester of my masters at Houston.

Since he works in California, we got to know each other through facetime.Exactly after a month, we met officially at my sister's home in Dallas. The moment we saw each other we knew that we are going to be together for the rest of our lives. Soon we had our engagement ceremony on May 20th 2017 at Dallas eventually our parents had exchanged Nischitartham thambulalalu at Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh). Our wedding date was fixed as 29th July 2017.

We hardly had two months to plan, shop and arrange for everything required for marriage and we both could only take a month leave for our marriage. So, it was too tight for our parents to decide how the wedding going to be. But I had a clear idea about my wedding with the help of Internet and Wedding Blogs. A special thanks to you Shopzters. You helped me a lot in taking quick and perfect decisions on different aspects of my wedding. 

We started our wedding celebrations with Mehendi function, Bridal Shower, Bridal Ceremony, The Wedding and Finally the Reception. 



To begin with, Wedding venue was fixed at Jyothi Convention Hall in Vijayawada and Reception was at Balaji Gardens, Warangal. Decoration for Bridal shower, Bridal Ceremony and wedding is done by Suresh(decorator associated with venue). Food Catering services are provided by Suresh

 We also had Wedding E-card with Instagram Theme from www.kards.in

For engagement, I wore Lehenga from Mebaz, Vijayawada and he wore suit from Calvin Klein. Make-up and hair is done by Swapna from Dallas. 

I got my Mehendi and Bridal shower lehengas again from Mebaz, Vijayawada and my Mehendi is done by Pratyusha Acharyabatta. She did a fantastic job by creating theme Mehendi by depicting famous landmarks of our cities. 

Photography was by Srinu Sunkara Photography from Vijayawada and from Warangal. They both did amazing work.

Shashi got his wedding sherwanis and jodpuri suit for reception from Mebaz, Himayathnagar, Hyderabad. We got Platinum Chain and Bracelet for shashi from Evara Platinum collections.