Ananthra’s must have silk cotton sarees for this wedding season!

Ananthra’s must have silk cotton sarees for this wedding season!


Ananthra is a home and in-house brand of Shopzters for the past 3 years. Ananthra boasts a curated collection of exquisite kanjeevaram silk sarees handpicked from the finest weavers of South India. Having won the hearts of brides who adorned Ananthra silk sarees, we now proudly introduce a new line of easy to maintain, elegant silk cotton saree  in catchy colours for this wedding season. These sarees are sure to turn heads and come in handy for bridesmaids and the bridal party.



No colour can look as bold, traditional and eye catching than a red saree. This saree is a beautifully woven fabric with big and bold circular motifs on the entire body of the saree. We love the small blue lining in the border and how the saree is matched with a contrast blue blouse.



This Royal blue saree is nothing short of nobility! We love the soft fabric and the elegant motifs on the body of the saree. The saree is rightly matched with a rani pink pallu. The wide necked blouse and the beautiful kundhan jewellery is sure to make you look like a princess!


Pink has always been the favourite colour of women and this particular saree captures the elegance and delicateness of femininity itself! We love the traditional striped design on the body and the modern deer motifs on the border. The saree is a delightful mix of modernity and tradition and is sure to make you look like a dainty doll!



Pink and violet are such complementing colours and we love the colours on the easy to maintain silk cotton fabric. The traditional veldari or stripped design adorns the body of the saree and the silver zari deers on the border add a freshness to an otherwise traditional saree. We love how the saree is styled with a silver blouse and white stoned jewellery!




The prize range for these beautiful sarees starts from Rs.3000/-. To order Watsapp +91 9597913331 now!


Sarees by @ananthra-by-shopzters#

Blouses by @mabia-boutique#

Photography by @dilipan-photography#

Makeup by @radhika-siva#

Jewellery by @bronzer-bridal-jewellery#

Shoot coordinated by "Shopzters"