Ever Want To Look And Feel Vintage? Here Is An Album That Is About To Blow Your Mind!

Ever Want To Look And Feel Vintage? Here Is An Album That Is About To Blow Your Mind!

One of the most memorable and racy photoshoots in @the-memory-writers# history. With Dr. Adityan and his lady love, Janani who also happens to be a doctor, the photoshoot was a complete stealer of hearts. Arjun from @the-memory-writers# talks to Shopzters about one of their most special and memorable photoshoot.

Whilst Adityan being a huge fanatic of vintage cars, he insisted we have a photoshoot incorporating his favourite models of cars. With the hills of Conoor exfoliating love like mist and with an excellent weather, we set out on our journey towards capturing memories between the two. We must admit that this photoshoot had rendered the English feel that Adityan was looking forward to.

Being associated with Adityan right from his engagement, and also being his dear friend since school, he thought that we ought to do the wedding and couple shoot for him. We also believe that he wouldn’t have been disappointed by our work since there were umpteen compliments.

With Janani and Adityan being very co-operative and flexible to all ideas put forth by the team behind “@the-memory-writers#”, we were able to bring out such an amazing output. The couple were extremely open to all our queries and suggestions and were very interested to make things look and feel amazing.

Despite all the serenity, there was also a huge amount of hardship put into this shoot. We had professional mechanics and people who know the artifacts of these vintage cars driven up from the ground tothe hill top. That involved a lot of tough manpower but in the end it was all worth it. Special mention to our team of drivers coz it was quite a task to drive these cars up hill.

Not to forget mentioning the outfits worn by the couple. Janani had a saree custom made with imprints of various vintage cars appreciating her husbands love towards cars.