Magic Of Marigolds – 10 Ways You Can Use Marigolds At Your Wedding

Magic Of Marigolds – 10 Ways You Can Use Marigolds At Your Wedding

Marigolds always have this magic about them of bringing in a vibrant ambience and adding life to any event as big as a wedding or even a simple home function. And marigolds have also been a favorite among our brides to add that special touch to their big day. So here at @pink-parrots# we always tend to put on our creative hats and explore different ways to get a little experimental with marigolds. Here are some of the ways that we have used marigolds as part of our decor that you could try out for your wedding...

1. Personalize it !

Strings of marigolds with your photos on them – how cool would that look! This also adds a western touch to your décor. Who says marigolds can be used only for traditional décor anyway

2.As part of the centerpieces

Get creative with your centerpieces – Pickle jars with roses, greens and marigolds. The beautiful orange marigolds complement the rest of the floral arrangement.

3. Interesting floral Arrangements

Use marigolds to create beautiful floral arrangements like these. Floral elephants made of marigolds which can be placed at the entrance to welcome your guests. These would be perfect for traditional weddings.

4.Marigold Entrances

Create beautiful entrances with marigolds – you can hang them with drapes or use them with other florals

5.Marigold Mandaps

Marigolds in a mandap just adds beauty to the entire setup.  You can just hang the marigolds in the backdrop or use them for the mandap as drapes or hang them with bells around the mandap.

6. Quirky Décor Elements

How cool would these marigold filled pots look at your wedding? Get some quirky pots and fill them with marigolds or place some vases with marigold sticks and lights – perfect décor props for your traditional evening wedding or even for a mehendi

7.Rangolis and Poo Kolams

Be it a fun outdoor Mehendi ceremony, or an intimate engagement ceremony at your house or a traditional wedding ceremony, you can create these beautiful rangolis and poo kolams with marigolds and lanterns !

8.Photo Booth Fun

Marigolds can create the perfect photo opportunities! You can add them as part of your photobooth backdrop or use them in your decor props like floral swings or bullock cart

9. As part of the Backdrop

You can create stunning backdrops for traditional engagements / wedding and colorful mehendi ceremonies with marigolds. Pair them up with traditional bells or with quirky props and you are all set.

10. Hanging Props

When you have an outdoor event with a lot of trees and thinking of a budget friendly way to add color to the place and also make it look beautiful – add strings of marigolds ☺ You can also add some quirky props or bells tied to the end of the strings to create a beautiful effect.