Pastel Shade Sarees To Beat The Cliches And Seal The Show In Style!

Pastel Shade Sarees To Beat The Cliches And Seal The Show In Style!

Whoever said that red and yellows are the go-to colours for a wedding ensemble couldn’t be more wrong! Gone are the days when the only people wearing pastel colours were seen in a Christian wedding ceremony. In recent times, brides have been bold and love experimenting colours whether neon or pastels on their big day. Here are a few elegant pastel pieces that will make you elegant and exquisite on your “I do” moment!

Blues and Aquamarines -

There is no bride who doesn’t choose a blue saree for their big day. Blue gives off cool vibes and looks good with matching or contrasting blouse.


Pastel Green -

Green implies freshness, lushness and royalty. It is a great hue for bridal ensemble and makes any bride look stunning whether it’s sea green, olive pastels or subtle mint green.

Peach coloured saree - 

A peach hued saree complements any skin tone and makes a bride look delicate and dewy. It can be worn in the mornings for indoor or an outdoor ceremony. Peach exuberates right amount of modernity and unconventional look.


Pink sarees -

Pink is the universal favourite colour for any bride. This pretty colour symbolises feminine beauty, delicateness, cute, charming, playful and of course, sweetness! From day events to weddings, pink sarees can make you shine without putting much efforts.


Purple/Lavender hues -

Believe us when we say that pastel purple is the new offbeat colour that brides are rocking this season. The colour is not only fresh and romantic but makes any bride look glamorous and dainty at the same time.


Yellow pastels -

Nothing to capture the personality and mood of a soft and sweet bride like a milder and pastel shade of yellow. Bride spotting yellow looks fun, charming and bright lighting up the entire atmosphere. The best part of a yellow pastel dress is that it suits any skin tone and make any woman look graceful.