Rayane Mithun's surprise baby shower!

Rayane Mithun's surprise baby shower!

Radhika Sarathkumar’s Daughter Rayane, who got married to cricketer Abhimanyu Mithun in August 2016 is pregnant with her second child. Her Cricketer husband Abhimanyu Mithun has arranged a surprise Baby shower event of his wife and called it 'Oh Baby'. The pics of the event were shared online and it went viral in a few hours. Mithun and Rayane have a son, Tarak.


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The couple were seen in semi formal clothes, Rayane wearing an emerald hued satin gown and Mithun was seen wearing a silk printed shirt. 


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Radhika and Sarath Kumar were seen in the event and Radhika was seen donning a mustard yellow kurta with statement bell sleeves.


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Sarath kumar looked sleek and smart in a classy white shirt and gray trousers. 


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The mama to be looked happy and radiant and rocked her no accessories look. She matched her outfit with a nude shimmer closed shoes that was classy and comfortable, matching her entire ensemble.


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The photography was done by Epic Five studios and we love this heavily worked gray scale, poster-like photo the best!


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The décor looked very elegant and refreshing with loads of white peonies and fern arrangement, completed with an oversized bamboo cane chair and white and yellow balloons. Lanterns in the décor gave an enchanted feel to the happy event.


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We wish this adorable couple loads of happy times ahead and an easy and safe delivery to the gorgeous mama-to-be!