Rural village -The Perfect Backdrop For A Quirky Outdoor Photo Shoot

Rural village -The Perfect Backdrop For A Quirky Outdoor Photo Shoot

More and more millennials are choosing villages and other rural areas for their weddings and shoots. This is because the village with sprawling hills, green vegetation, quaint temples and other unique landmarks spell natural beauty, making them the obvious favourite venue for weddings and outdoor photo shoots. Here is a set of photos that are professionally shot and edited by “@the-fhoto#” which make use a lively village as the backdrop for their wedding photo shoot.

Dramatic Sunsets And Silhouettes

The large expanse with natural vegetation and absence of high rise buildings, make the perfect background for a newly wedded couple to shoot dramatic and colourful sunset photos and silhouette pictures. “The Fhoto” has handled the natural lighting skillfully to create picturesque photos

Amongst Lush Green Village Vegetation

Nothing can look better than pictures clicked in velvety green fields, coconut groves and fertile village landscapes. The photographers of “The Fhoto” have done a wonderful job capturing and editing the beauty of the green scapes of the village in this couple shoot.

Unique Village Architecture

Every place has it’s distinct and unique architecture, be it the urban or rural areas. But the villages provide a colourful backdrop with huge artfully built temples and unique locations like a brick manufacturing kiln. The pictures clicked by “The Fhoto” speak a thousand words in these following photos.