The Art That Made Him What He Is Today - Kannan Rajamanickkam Exclusive!

The Art That Made Him What He Is Today - Kannan Rajamanickkam Exclusive!

Kannan Rajamanickam, one of the most influential makeup artists we have come across. His way of talking, his humble personality and his kind nature are also those aspects despite being a talented makeup artist for him to reach such heights.

We had the honour of talking to him and we must admit that we weren't disappointed one bit. So here goes, his exclusive interview just for Shopzters.

"Ever since school days, I have my own interest in arts especially paintings and creating coloured images. With continuation of that, my participation in cultural dance drama has boosted my confidence over make-up skills.

This happened with my self-taught skills in make up at stage performances as I have experimented make up on different people. As such, my intuitive to learn and explore has increased while the performers’ feedback has increased my confidence in this make up. 

Smokey eyes make up is my most loved eye make-over as the transition of colors spread across the eye lids while creating wonderful colour combinations. Subtle make up enriches the natural features of a person as well as creating a presentable look for them.

From my perspective, it’s always great to enrich the natural features of a person as each and every creation of God is beautiful in its own way. 

Dealing with stress is the major challenge faced by every bride-to be. Due to high expectation on their big day, stress might demolish the atmosphere creating the unwanted anxiousness to conquer their minds.

It’s good to have a huge responsibility but the amount of money invested should not be wasted by their stressfulness. Eating vegetables that are rich in Vitamins and fruits rich in antioxidants could result in glowing skin. 

Due to frequent exposure to sun, applying sun block on skin is a must for everyone. Pampering the skin with masks is an ideal way of taking care of the skin. This can be easily done with the mixture of baking soda and honey as this could create the glow-y look on the skin. 

My favorite celebrity would be Nayanthara as she has created many defining roles that has impressed me in many ways. 

My favourite make up artist would be Helder Marucchi, as his make up works has created a huge impact on make up industry. He is very much inspiring for me and he has always been an idol to me.

We shall always be proud to see the added uniqueness of Indian brides in 6 yards of saree worn by them representing the exquisite richness of culture and tradition. Not forgetting the adorned ancient jewellery that depicts the royalty at the highest.

Though smokey effect on eye make has always been my favourite and signature in my make up services, it has also been a trend that I’m bored of. This is because, most of he time in an Indian wedding, it involves sarees being drapped twice, which integrates the use of variety of colours from both the sarees and the contrasting colours in the blouse.

It hinders a bride from looking subtle as they prefer. This will eventually create the gaudiness that would conquer their appearances. 

The trend of having braids as the hair-do has never failed to make a bride look elegant with an added dose of simplicity. 

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This great team is also giving full encouragement and support for many upcoming make up artists without any expectations. Their noble intention is always to provide continuous support to nurture the talent and skills in every aspect associated with wedding planning.

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