They Had Slate Boards, But Cleverly Skipped The Clichés!! – Scintilight Creations

They Had Slate Boards, But Cleverly Skipped The Clichés!! – Scintilight Creations

The Wedding dates got rescheduled for a few months earlier than for when it was planned for, they had just a week to pull off the wedding and the wedding ceremony got a bit delayed. But the chilled-out family decides to pose around holding up Slate Boards!! With photographers like Scintilight Creations covering your wedding, a delay is going to turn out into one creative and fun Wedding Shoot. Got a huge crowd to entertain? Bring them in! These guys can make creative twists, give them nostalgic memories, except, there would be a little twist each time! Ain't no Cliches work on these creative Photographers!


So here's the story behind this very special and beautiful wedding that we covered. The groom Kumaran and the bride Pallavi found each other online and liked each other. Eventually, the two families met, everything went smooth. Kumaran and Pallavi were supposed to be formally engaged within a week from then, which was in March and the wedding dates were scheduled for June 2015.


But here's the best part, one day the couple were having a talk over the phone when Kumaran says, "You know what I can't wait till June let's get married on the Engagement date!" and Pallavi seemed happy with the idea. While both of them were waiting for the other person to say the words "Just Kidding", it never came up and neither of them called each other bluff!! Suddenly I get a call saying the wedding has been rescheduled. I was shocked to find out that it was not a matter of making it few days earlier than the actual dates, but months! Luckily they had already blocked me for the engagement shoot on those dates, so I was available to cover the Wedding.


We decided to use Slate Boards as props for the shoot. It was an Idea from both me and the Bride's sister Cindana, who is a home baker, running an enterprise called Sugar Monkeys. I usually do food photography for her and we always try doing something new and creative. So when she said let's use slates, at first I was slightly not okay because it has been done before like a million times. But then I agreed to take the same idea in a different direction.


The families were hooked on to the idea of Slate-Boards because we did not write anything cliched on the boards. We made them write something fun and what they felt like. The best part was, both youngsters and elders went all in and didn't have to be forced to hold the slate boards.


It was quite easy to get them to pose with it too. When they see one person do it the other person is kind of interested and wants to participate too. So all I did had to do, was to give them some time, to think about what they want to write. And boy oh boy!! They came up with funny stuff. It really helped because they were all super fun and friendly. Nobody said no to the whole idea.


Kumaran and Pallavi's wedding was definitely a wedding to remember, from the start till the end. There are seldom weddings where a photographer can bring up an idea, execute it and at the same time make the entire wedding party to go along with it.


So I consider it a true blessing when I get to shoot weddings like these. Where everyone is super chilled out and open to any idea, no matter how crazy it sounds. I did this wedding last year and when I got a call saying Shopzters was covering it for their blog, I was really happy. Even though it's been a year since, this wedding is a perfect example that being creative does not go unnoticed.

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