We're Totally Tripping On This Elegant Decors, Classy Low Lights and Jackson James' Photography

It's now come to minimal and elegant with Decors, Pastels with the Theme and Classy with the feels! This Mehendi in Kerala dazzled it's way through the night with some classy lights, lovely music and the family dancing away their happy hearts! What was the high light? The Mehendi has incorporated everything that's now massively trending! Starting from Jackson James' rustic frames to the hanging bulbs and string lights to pastel outfit and jewellery of the bride, to a lovely band helping with the 'groovy feels'! With every bit of the celebrations screaming 'Rustic' out loud, what more inspiration do we need?

Vendors From The Event:

My mehendi lehenga was from Mokshaa in Chennai. Went in on a whim to try my luck and found this gem. Tried it on and it was the perfect fit too. I loved how unconventional the floral and rust coloured jacket were together and the whole Sabyasachi-esque feel to it.

Jewellery wise, everything I wore on the mehendi was from M.O.D Signature Jewellery in Cochin. All their pieces stand out individually yet look even more regal when the right ones are paired together. I felt like the Navartna necklace and Kundan choker were a perfect fit for each other.

My event planners and decorators were Creattio. Jossy and Zubin were amazing to work with and dedicated as well. Would definitely recommend them to anyone planning a wedding.

Photography we had a separate team for conventional photography and a separate one for candids. Conventional photography was handled by Max studios manjeri and they did a wonderful job of capturing the on stage moments and came up with a lot of good candids as well. And as for the candids, the photos speak for themselves, Jackson James captured the event beautifully and I absolutely loved the output.

Jackson James Photography


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