10 Emotions Every Mother Goes Through When Her Daughter Gets Married

10 Emotions Every Mother Goes Through When Her Daughter Gets Married

Utter Bewilderment: The first time she lays her eyes on you, all dressed up in the gorgeous bridal outfit, she can hardly comprehend how proud she is of you.


So Many Tears: This is expected, you're leaving one half of your life to step into a home with new responsibilities.


Celebration: Of course, her tears don't mean that she isn't happy for you! She is rejoicing at how amazing your life is panning out.


Oh So Pretty: You're the apple of her eye, she is going to spend the entire ceremony gloating and making sure you don't catch any bad omens!


Thank The Gods! Putting aside all the emotion, she is thankful for the great life partner you have chosen (or she has) and is praying for a bright future.


Emotional Breakdowns: She has to plan the entire wedding, from you mehendi to sangeet to the bridal shower and reception, it isn't an easy task. Any which way, add to that the fact that her daughter is moving away. She is bound to have her fair share of emotional breakdowns, but she'll be okay, she's a mother after all.


Nostalgia: Her entire motherhood has been dedicated to protecting her daughter, and somewhere down the line, she began planning the perfect wedding for you. Her little girl is all grown up, the memories will hit her hard. 07
Words of Wisdom: She knows how relationships work, how marriages work, so your mom will pass on those words of wisdom to you. Be careful though, they might be strongly worded and contain some curses aimed at the opposite gender, but all in all, she just wants you to be happy.


So Much For Love: It is highly likely that you will drive her crazy with your demands, fears and the fact that every bride eventually turns into a Bride-zilla. She loves you, and she will keep repeating it to maintain her cool through the preparations, shopping trips and ceremonies.


The Struggle: Her mind and heart are war with each other, her mind knows that this is what is best for your future, that you've grown into a beautiful woman. But her heart? It disagrees, it wants to hold her daughter back and keep her forever.