5 Gifts That’ll Make Your Bride Feel Special

Of course your bride will receive a hundred gifts from the guests at the wedding. But your gift will always remain special to her. Remember to add a personal touch to the gift, so it is unique to your relationship.

A piece of Jewellery Diamonds are a girl's best friend for a reason, she'll pick them over any other form of jewellery. Team that up with platinum, a solitaire ring or a platinum string of diamonds are your safest bets. Give them to her preferably before your reception, right after your wedding ceremony. So she can wear it and show off your gesture. cartier-engagement-ring-box

Favourable Fragrance A perfume she can wear to the wedding ceremony will make her feel really special. So try brands like Versace, Stella McCartney, and Michael Kors, who offer a wide range of women's perfumes. Pick something that would suit her taste, go through her existing perfumes once to find a favourite brand or a specific fragrance she is partial towards. 

Heels Accessories never go to waste. Buy her a pair of Louis Vuitton's, Steve madden or Jimmy Choo and watch her smile. But make sure you get her shoe size right so she doesn't have to face disappointment. 

Bag If you're buying her a bag, pick one in a colour she doesn't already own and try brands like Giordano, Luis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo and Michael Kors. Louis_Vuitton_Olympe

Couple's spa Pamper both your bride and yourself in a couple's spa. An entire day of pampering would do her good and calm her pre-bridal jitters. It'll also give you time to bond. Get a haircut together, oil massages and facials. Make the appointment beforehand and surprise her. 13950_spa-foto-shutterstock_59274685