Boutique of the month - August'14

Boutique of the month - August'14

Started way back in 1981, this designer boutique has been making fast strides in the recent times! Mr. Usman who pioneered this venture, has passed on the reins of managing the boutique to Mr. Sakthi, who has been with him for many years now! Mr. Sakthi, fondly refers to Mr. Usman as his father and enumerates on the growth of the boutique. Pleased to feature Vichitra Salwars as the boutique of the month! vichitra2

We started as a tailoring unit in 1991 and have been dealing with salwar materials from the year 2000. We design and stitch salwars, pattu paavadais, lehangas etc. We also do hand embroidery and regular machine embroidery, cut-work, aari, kundan and stone work. vichitra

We have a team of 40 tailors! Mr. Usman and I take care of designing and then get them stitched through our tailors. Today, there is a dearth of good and experienced tailors. So we have plans to train interested people in the near future. vichitra3

Today's youngsters are very individualistic! They do not want the same designs which are in the catalogue. They request us to create new designs and hence most of the time, our designs are unique. There is a lot of expectation from the customers and we live up to their expectations. vichitra5

While, we have been around for the past so many years, we have in recent times been noticed and recognised, thanks to Facebook and Shopzters! We are happy to say that we have a lot of new customers through Shopzters! We hope to serve our customers with the same enthusiasm and energy that we have been doing for the past several years. vichitra1

Address: No.11 Arokkiasamy Road(west), R.S.Puram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641002.

Phone No: 090 03 703059

FB Link: