Boutique of the month - July'15!

Boutique of the month - July'15!

A Chennai girl with impeccable taste, has completely bowed over the Chenaites! Having a keen eye for all that is bold, experimental and fashionable,she has scaled great heights in a short span of time. It's a pleasure to introduce Nazia Syed and feature her namesake store as the boutique of the month. Oh wait! You guys get 20% discount on mentioning Shopzters :) DSC_0233

Tell us little about yourself  Hmmm, where do I begin? I have always had a passion for the arts and a keen eye for fashion. Even while pursuing my engineering, I was more interested in the shapes, forms, structures, geometry and design than the actual subjects themselves.


Post my graduation, and during my travel stint, I set my sights on the illustrious London College of Fashion. That course changed me; it was where my career in fashion began. Nazia Syed I went on to work as an apprentice at several local production and fashion houses in London before starting my eponymous label -Nazia Syed, in Chennai in the year 2009. DSC_0229 From then, there has been no looking back! From movie and TV show styling and fashion weeks (both in the country as well as overseas) to couture and pret, it has been one exciting stint after the other! The days do get chaotic, but my creativity stems from the chaos!

anjana blouse

What is fashion according to you? I have never been the kind of person who follows trends and apes them for the sake of it. Fashion to me, is extremely individual and subjective. It is not about wearing the latest trends, but to understand what works for me as an individual and being comfortable in my own skin.


The best fashion statement one can make is wearing their attitude with confidence! Nothing else looks as good! DSC_0158

How good is the fashion sense in Chennai, compared to other cities? I have to say that it is nice to see Chennai catching up quite fast to the other cities thanks to the internet and social media; the internet of things has been an absolute game changer. People are now more aware than ever about what's hot, what's not, and are far more abreast with latest trends and statements. It's a refreshing change! Chennai can no longer be considered the land of mallipoo and madisar alone!


What inspired you to design wedding dresses? Who wouldn't want to be part of the most important day of a girl's life? As a woman, the inspiration stems from within. I've always wanted to create timeless, ethereal, elegant pieces for women and what occasion more apt than her wedding?IMG_20150620_105244515 Add to that the fact that Indian weddings are so vibrant and colorful it's really just glitter, glam and all things gorgeous! There is no limit to creativity when it comes to designing outfits for my brides and that satisfied smile on their faces at the end of it is what makes it so worthwhile! 11251543_10155466928755328_722836709_n

Can you please mention some of your celebrity clients? When you say celebrity, I can't help but mention that to me, all my clients are celebrities. A tag doesn't change their status because all their clothes are made with the same amount of love, care and passion. Having said that, a few popular personalities that I have styled include Amala Paul, Ramya Subramaniam, Priya Anand, Bhavana, Kaavya Shetty, Chinmayee Sripada, Evelyn Sharma, Gauthami Nair and Aavaana to name a few!

1044211_10151688521149295_47366919_nWhat is special about your designs? My creations are an ode to today's woman who embraces the ways of the world, while putting her own spin on it! Quirky, wearable, high fashion, one-of-a kind, distinct silhouettes, experimental and bold is some of the words that best describe my clothes. 11253780_10155466928545328_533806077_n

I have created a distinct identity with my high-end couture detailing, intricate embroidery and luxe use of fabrics, which makes my creations stand out in a crowd. I specialize in sophisticated cocktail wear, opulent wedding dresses and also offer fashion consulting for brides. DSC_0166

What is your advice to the bride-to-be? When it comes to the bride-to-be, there are a few pointers I urge them to follow: Prepare for your trousseau at least a few months in advance... It really helps if you have a budget in mind so that work can be done based on that.... References really help, but do keep an open mind! Finally, ENJOY THE PROCESS! DON'T STRESS OUT! DSC_0051

Contact: 91 44 4353 5525


Website: DSC_0187