Boutique of the month – June!

Boutique of the month – June!

Terracotta Jewellery is the latest style statement for women, who are steeped in style. The traditional yet trendy designs are an eye-catcher for anyone! This month, we feature an online jewellery boutique called Sidhvi, which specialises in handmade jewellery.


I am Gayathri Vikkraman, founder of Sidhvi-The Handmade Jewellery. We offer both Fashion and Terracotta Jewellery. Basically I am a Software Engineer. Jewellery designing is a hobby which started after my graduation. It started as a pass time activity to keep myself busy during the gap between graduation and the date of joining. I designed some fashion jewellery for my friends and relatives and received a very good response. During my maternity leave, I got enough time to make more and it became a part-time business. It's all due to the encouragement of my husband who constantly encouraged me to start our online boutique. Sidhvi is name derived from first two letters of my husband Vikkram and first three letter of my loving son's Siddharth.


We offer unique handmade quality terracotta jewellery, all are uniquely designed and perfectly finished. Today, the terracotta jewellery makes exotic dressing style when worn with the traditional nomadic or tribal dresses. In the rural and tribal societies, the earthen ornaments like necklaces, bracelets, pendants and chokers were quite commonly used. They create elegant and rustic appeal. Terracotta fashion jewellery has a rustic and a very earthen appeal.


The process involves purifying the clay, shaping and designing the wet slab After drying it completely, it is fired in a kiln at a very high temperature to give it a stone consistency. When clay is fired in the kiln with saw dust,it is burnt to a natural black. It is then hand-painted in a myriad of colours to complement ethnic as well as Indo-western outfits.The exquisite collection includes terracotta jewellery sets as well as just earrings and pendants to suit the dressing style of women of all ages.


Our boutique is on an expansion mode due to the wonderful support by our customers. Our clients are based in various parts of India as well as the world. Our strength is that customers keep coming back after their first purchase. We keep in touch with our clients right from booking the jewel to delivery and even after delivery. We also customize the jewellery as per the customer request. We design each and every design uniquely for each customer.


I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to The Shopzters for featuring us. Check out: Email: