Boutique of the month – November!

Boutique of the month – November!

An enthusiastic duo toyed with the idea of bringing to the women of their neighbourhood, an affordable range of clothing and accessories and thus was born Vasah! Pleased to introduce the affable twins Padmini and Priyadarshini, who with their determination and hard work have realized their dreams with VASAH!


We are a new brand in the space of the contemporary women in Chennai. Our main drive is the passion for clothes and keen desire to help women look their best in their character.


We believe in bringing to the everyday women, designs, colours, fabrics, and patterns from everywhere possible and present an ensemble that is truly unique and characteristic of their personalities. Our models and ambassadors are everyday women, who might not have the picture perfect figure, but simply love to dress up! To these women in the many roles they play, VASAH is an expression of their inspiration and celebration.


The joy of being a woman is but one of those subtleties of creation. Every role a woman plays  a daughter, sister, naughty niece, gossipy cousin, romantic girl friend, beautiful bride, caring wife, super mom, smart professional, someone's best friend, everyone's inspiration is characteristic in the enigma she spreads around. VASAH is an expression of this enigma and an inspiration of character. For the timeless woman  we present to you VASAH, so your wardrobe is special, just like you.


How it started: VASAH is a story of 2 women driven by entrepreneurial spirit, started in 2012, by two sisters (who are actually twins) Padmini and Priyadarshini , understanding a particular need of today's working women like themselves, catering to that and carving a niche for themselves.


The secret of VASAH's success lies in the simplicity of the business model. With a degree in Corporate Secretaryship and a work experience with retail giants in fashion industry, a business model was worked out. On the procurement front, we source good quality fabrics, and accessories directly from small but reliable producers in various remote towns from across India.. No expensive outlets or even a web page, just a facebook page ( for an outlet and our customers as our marketing team. The savings are passed on to the customers.


Occasionally we participate in fairs and exhibitions so as to build our brand. The plans have worked really well so far! Touchwood! And what is more loyal satisfied customers place repeated orders and also give excellent referrals. We also have plans to diversify into more products but at the same time keep the model as simple as it is now.


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