Dream A Green Dream! A ‘Zero-Waste’ Wedding Hits Bengaluru In The Feels!

Dream A Green Dream! A ‘Zero-Waste’ Wedding Hits Bengaluru In The Feels!

Even the slightest trace of 'Wedding Bells' gets us all jumping up and running around with so many ways to make the best of the day for ourselves and for our family. We have the beautiful and thoughtful Bride from Bangalore, Mrs. Sowmya Reddy, daughter of Karnataka's Transport Minister, Mr. R. Ramalinga Reddy, making an amazing day out of her Wedding Day. The 'how' of this Wedding would bring a sense of warmth to your heart.

Sowmya, a vegan, animal rights activist and environmentalist decided that her Wedding should show Bengaluru how a 'Green Dream' can create so much difference. Ergo, planned and staged a Wedding Reception that promoted 'Living Green' by leaving a 0% pollution an wastage behind at the end of the party! Trust us, there's nothing more peaceful and warm to know nature and greens are still cared for.

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The bride, for starters managed to bring together about 150 staff of Hasiru Dala, a Bangalore based organization of trained waste-pickers. These employees are making a huge difference in Bangalore city. They work on splitting the waste at the source and that these waste materials are not re-filling and piling up the land areas again. About 8 weddings in the past year has sure got these talented and amazing people best at what they do.

Starting with an Re-cycled Paper Invites, that also mentioned 'No Gifts or Bouquets', this wedding has turned out to be an epic win!

No guests attending the wedding will be wearing silk, leather or woolen products. None of the clothes being gifted to the relatives and family contain silk, wool or leather, Sowmya adressed Bangalore Mirror.

The above said also applied to the couple. Sowmya's make-up was an absolutely 'cruelty-free' product use.

Food menu was also carefully planned and organized with only vegan products like soya bean milk, soya bean yoghurt. Tea and Coffee for the guests were also served with a dash of yummy soya bean milk.

Well, definitely there were 'return gifts'! About 5000 or more saplings of Sandalwood, Rosewood, Mahogany, Jackfruit and Neem were bought from Government Nurseries in Bangalore. Vegan goodie bags were saved for closest circle of the couples friends which contained toiletries without animal products for the ladies and bags with non-leather wallet, vegan cookie packs and a keychain with 'adopt animals' message on, for the gentlemen. Impressive yeah?

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The Couple also had a special request to Bangalore Mirror saying, "Love and passion for animals and the planet is what brought us to together and we wanted to share this with you...As a wedding gift to us, try a vegan lifestyle for a change and see how your body, mind and soul respond to a cruelty-free lifestyle!"

As 20,000 guests arrived and left the Reception venue at the Bangalore Main Palace, we're pretty sure they carried with them heartwarming memories and forever etched thoughts from this lovely 'Zero-Waste' Wedding. We wish Sowmya and Abhishek a beautiful life ahead that touches many souls and turns them to fall in love our planet more than ever so we will all together strive to make the earth a better place for everyone!