Guest Post - The Styled Photo Shoot Experience by Suganya Raman!

Guest Post - The Styled Photo Shoot Experience by Suganya Raman!


Before I could even thank Shopzters Team for the opportunity they gave to bring out the model in me ;) I should say that I am totally surprised to what I was exposed to and experienced!


When the contest came up, I was reluctant to get in thinking that it s gonna make me campaign to get likes for a photo on Facebook. But rather, Shopzters had organized in a very critical manner that actually felt like a real contest. In fact, I was feeling it was almost like the 'Band Bajaa Bride' with all the jewellery from Suman Jewellery, coutures from Shree Devi Textiles, great pampering by Page 3 Luxury Salon and Vivahhika's eye for elegance.

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First of all, it was a beautiful birthday gift given to me by Prasitha from Shopzters. Jayashree Mam from Team Shopzters was so courteous and very welcoming. Since I was working that week of photoshoot, I had to schedule all the shopping and arrangements in the evening after 6 and it was so sweet of Jayshree mam to accept all that and adjust. First it was the dress we were deciding upon. The Silk House of Shreedevi textiles had excellent collection that ranges between Traditional to Trendy , Simple to stylish and what not. I never had an eye for the colour green in dresses, but yet the one i wore just drew me instantly. It was a very cool combination on a traditional and trendy side.


The next stop was Suman Jewellery. They had quality collection , not just for the silk saree, but also for the Lehanga I chose. Be it the traditiional Nagaas or a latest cut designs in gold and prescious stones, Suman jewellery had it all. Especially the Ottiyanam showcased an expert workmanship. I loved the Bangle collection. I usually don't that easily settle for any designs, unless it really catches me. But here, everything was awesome!!

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Next day was a pleasant meeting with Latha Verghis from Page 3 Salon, along with Juliet and Aruna from their team. They made feel so much at ease. "Putting the make up alone is not beauty. God has created everyone very beautiful and we just are trying to bring 'That most beautiful factor' out and show case it". This is what Latha mam said and yes it's so true! She has a sharp eye for colours and designs. With one look at me she understood what kind of hair do, or make up or jewels and neckpieces will suit me. I always like the things to be elegant rather than extravagant and I felt both Latha mam and Juliet got that pulse of mine and blended the right kind of accessories for me. I definitely have to thank my personal designer for getting by blouse ready within a day, that too styled neatly. Though tried to match the color of the blouse as exactly as the saree's zari, still there was slight mismatch. But Page 3 people handled coolly saying "If everything is right in place, then it's an ideal condition and anyone can make the best out of it. But only at such sloppy situations like these, we work out to make the perfect sense out of imperfect". Cool!!


All was set for the photo shoot! I started to the photoshoot on 8th March to Vivahhika office at Sai Baba Colony without a single idea of what was awaiting. The first surprise was the quick, neat and of course elegant make up by Juliet. The first look was a western look. I was taken into a small ground with excellent sets put up. With such an elegant make up, jewels and couture; and such a royal set up in front of you, no girl can stay without feeling like a Princess. Yes!! I missed my Prince, of course! Probably he would have married me right then!! ;)

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For a few minutes , it was so hard to believe that they have put a decor in a backyard. that too with so much elegance. I never expected such properties for a photoshoot! Awesome. Vivahhika guys have great creativity. Its very important to get comfortable with the person photoshooting you and Vivahhika people can do it without much effort at all. The photos they gave me were highly appreciated by all my people.


By the end of the day, I walked out making new friends, experiencing art in various forms like photography, make up, decors, bridal couture and jewellery, kindness from Jayashree mam and Happiness in heart. Thank you Shopzters and thanks Santhosh, My fiance , for you were the reason why I'm a to-be-bride which made me have this experience on the first place! My Lucky Charm you are! :)