Photography of the month - August'14!

Photography of the month - August'14!

Founded by the awesome twosome Sarav and Sajith, Mystic Studios has the repertoire of capturing the best moments of your life thus leaving an indelible mark in our minds. Very happy to feature them as the photography of the month! :) New folder (7)3

Like a dream, we hardly know how it all started. Like a reality, we hardly know what it holds ahead. All we know is that, life is a journey, and we love what we do with all our heart! Photography to us is not an act but an art; an art of living life per second. As the eyes contemplate, the lens listens, and the shutter clicks nothing can come close to that magical second of awe that slips between the viewer and the photographer. New folder (7)2

At Mystic, we celebrate this magic! Mystic Studios is the reflection of your world, filled with life and full of love. We sincerely commit to make you smile, not just for the picture, but also for years to come :)

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Two varied minds crossed roads with a single thought in mind "why not wedding photography?"- Thus came the inaugural moment of Mystic Studios and dreams lived from there on. Endless clicking, multi-cultured wed-locks, ceaseless celebrations, beautiful brides, noble grooms, emotional families, wacky friends ...Woah! Life is on the frame. 10320911_784921584874897_7897692577672320400_o

What we do? Our devotion is to keep it real. No filmy gyan. Nothing can beat reality except when it's captured in its true essence. This is our stature. When you look at Mystic Studios creation, you relive that moment. Things around you unfold into the very spot where you were when the camera caught you.... yourself... your life..... YOUR WEDDING!! New folder (7)

Our Strength: After all the planning phase, the D-day execution and tireless post production, the little blushful smile that blossoms from the heart of the Couple when they themselves through our lenses that's our bliss, our reward and our pat on the back to keep going bigger and better than ever! Before&After Mystical Editing1_FB

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