Photography of the month – July!

Photography of the month – July!

Here's The Wedding Runner as the Photography of this month! Started just 6 months ago, The Wedding Runner has already become a favourite of a lot of brides and grooms! Charles of the wedding runner shares his experience on how it all started and what its all about!


A friend of mine returned from Singapore after a short trip. To my surprise, the first thing she told me was about a wedding she had attended by chance. She was more excited to see how the whole concept of weddings had changed over the years and also how well paying it has become. I sat there listening to her but it really did not get me all that excited. Who would want to shoot a wedding? This was the only thought I had then.


A year later, I shot my first wedding. It wasn't easy, not just clicking away everything that comes into the frame. I am a freelance photographer. I loved camera. I also believe that if you like photography you can shoot pretty much anything. I'm Charles and my friend is Joel who currently works as a Business Consultant. Both of us started a wedding photography company The Wedding Runner. It wasn't an immediate success but everyone liked the name. The name literally means what exactly one does at the wedding and that is running. The photographer has to be everywhere and do everything possible to not to miss out on anything. Despite all the odds, he has to make sure to get good results.


It is a very challenging field, though not many think so. It's about making decisions right there and grab the moment at the best of its visual appeal. However, it's the hustle and the bustle of the wedding that keeps the thrill. The Wedding Runner believes in the quality and visual appeal of the pictures rather than the number of pictures. It's core business and indeed, the core competency lies in capturing the couple's portfolios at exotic locations. Be it the recent post wedding shoot in a beach resort in Kovalam, against the monsoon onset, or the one in a jungle resort at the base of Western Ghats in Nilgiris, the wedding runner captures the intimacy, love and romance between the couple in its pristine form.


The wedding package includes a two day shoot with one day candid wedding and the second day outdoor shoot. The key for good pictures is the availability of enough time for the couple. Hence we always advice the couple to schedule a separate day for the post wedding shoot. Wedding Runner is also nominated for Better Photography magazine's Best wedding photographer of the year 2012 and is awaiting results. The services include Candid Wedding Photography, Wedding short movies, post wedding and pre wedding shoots.


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