Photography of the month – October!

Photography of the month – October!

The Photography of the Month October is Weddings by Wfa. Making fast strides into the arena of candid wedding photography, Weddings by Wfa boasts of a diligent team of photographers who relentlessly work to capture those wonderful and memorable moments. Waseem F. Ahmed, who pioneered this venture, is here to describe his journey towards success.


Being a wedding photographer is a beautiful way of life. No one ever grows up wanting to be one. No one dreams of it as a kid. We all stumble into it, probably in a stage of life where we are ready to understand emotions and deeper meanings. It was a similar journey for me. I began photography right after I finished high school, as I set out to become an architect. Somewhere down the line, Photography started to take hold of me. Maybe it was the feeling of seeing things again after a few issues with my sight. Maybe things looked different now. They sure seemed beautiful.


For about 3 years, I never did a single assignment for money. I wanted to learn enough before that. One day, a friend of mine wanted me to shoot her sister's wedding. I was incredibly nervous, and said I'd do it for no charge so as to take the pressure off me. I shot and they loved what I did. My life as a wedding photographer began there.


Today, I have a brand running. Weddings by Wfa. We don't like the notion of freelance photography. I wanted a brand to represent us. A name, a style and something that people come exclusively to us for. We have a team of candid photographers, fully dedicated to wedding photography, bringing together the best of contemporary candid photography and a sense of art. We specialize in capturing the finest moments of your big day and telling the story of your wedding through the lens.


Working out of the cities of Bangalore and Chennai, we travel everywhere, photographing beautiful weddings across the country. Our unique approach to photography, with a lot of emphasis on the distinct artsy feel of our work combined with subtle toning has earned us much acclaim and has been featured on leading international magazines and newspapers. And the best part is, we absolutely love what we do.


Address: New No. 2 Appu Street, First Lane, Santhome, Chennai, Tamil Nadu  600 004. Phone No: 098 84 745967 Email Id: FB Link: