Photography of the month - September'14!

Photography of the month - September'14!

Meet Ashok Arsh, who won THE HINDU - National level photography contest twice (Moods of Margazhi and working elders). He is known best for his candid wedding pics that involve a lot of fun and emotions, details and of course colour tones! Happy to feature AA Photography as the photography of the month.

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When I was 12, my family and I visited Vandaloor Zoo. We had bought a camera just then with new film roll. Within 15 minutes of entering zoo, I finished the entire roll clicking the animals and with no shots of my family. With no shop to get a new roll, my dad got furious with me and I felt real bad.

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Back then, I didn't know that I would buy a DSLR someday and click . Today, I have graduated as Textile Engineer and now working as a Fashion Designer. With 2011 Diwali bonus , I got my Canon 550D :) It all started with my imagination and DSLR guide. I knew nothing about photography & didn't have any technical / theoretical background too. I started capturing what I felt was right.

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Photography began as a Sunday(my only day off) hobby but now I seem to create more Sundays in a week for myself. :P In due course of time, I see myself yearning to go out and click at any given opportunity. The journey has been incredibly satisfying filled with moments which I would cherish all my life. I look forward to the journey ahead!

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For me, photography is all about feel & colors . I guess COLORS maybe due to my fashion designer background. I strongly believe there is beauty in everything irrespective of the environment. My photography strives to bring out this beauty as much as I can. I also try to bring a specific feel & color to the photo, depending on the mood of the situation.

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Shooting weddings is not as easy as it looks. A lot of challenges are involved. The main challenge would be to shoot within a limited time as our Indian weddings tend to rush up due to extensive rituals; still we have to make use of the best possibilities at the given time. My favourite is the outdoor couple shoot. For every shoot, I discuss the theme/idea with the bride and groom so that it involves new concepts and more creativity.

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I love to ride bikes. It doesn't matter if it's a Yamaha or Honda or Enfield. I just love the experience of riding bike. Likewise; I can't differentiate between different genres of photography. I love taking photographs. Wedding candid is kind of challenging & Interesting because anything can happen at anytime ;) I have to be ready like an army solider with his weapons.


Also, I'm still exploring different genres of photography and don't want to limit myself to any specific type yet.I follow a lot of photographers, both abroad and India,but my main inspiration for wedding photography is Mr.Anbu Jawahar - AJ!

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In our life, only some moments become memories. I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to turn the couple's key life moments into lifetime memories by digitally framing them.

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