Special Feature – Shree Devi Textile

Special Feature – Shree Devi Textile

This special feature is about a store where colours, combinations, innovations all come together in six yards of perfection! Shree Devi Textile is a name to reckon in the Coimbatore retail scenario. Having begun in 1986 selling mill goods, the store has grown immensely over the last 24 years. The name now is synonymous with the happy customer syndrome! Crowds throng this multi-level store for a complete shopping experience and every day sees many people who travel from nearby towns to be a part of the Shree Devi success story.


It has always been the dream of the founders of Shree Devi to build a showroom that will sell exclusively designed Kanchivaram sarees. By 2003, the looms were making sarees exclusively for Shree Devi and designing exclusively for Shree Devi as well.

Shree Devi Textile has been known for breaking new ground in the clothing retail market. Whether it was introducing fancy sarees to Coimbatore or hiring looms that weaves exclusively for them, Shree Devi has always been an innovator. Now, to prove that they are indeed the best in the field, Shree Devi has come up with a new section of soft silks. 1

The shelves are brimming with colours that put a humble rainbow to shame. These unique sarees have been woven by master craftsmen in units tucked away in tiny villages around Tamil Nadu, and they spend days innovating with design and colour to give the wearer something truly exquisite. These sarees are woven without starch and hence have an almost dreamy softness. The sarees weigh not more than 750gms and can be worn for any occasion. They also have various varieties of colourful salwars right from casual wear to party wear.


FUSION STYLE The designs for some of these sarees are from faraway places like Orissa and Varanasi. A true fusion of northern and southern Indian designs to create a piece that is representative of the country in many ways. Traditional Oriya designs find their way in a traditional Kanchivaram silk, creating a unique handloom hybrid that no one elsewhere will ever weave.


DESIGN YOUR OWN SAREE Sarees can be custom-made to suit your tastes. If you like a design but prefer it in another combination, then give them 60 days and it will be yours! This is Shree Devi's new step into the world of silk retailing. Address:1014, Cross Cut Road, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore, 641012. Phone Number:0422 4230000, 0422 2499992, 9843899000 Email Id:enquiry@shreedevitextile.com Website: http://www.shreedevitextile.com