This Eco-Friendly Wedding Became The Talk Of The Town. See How!

This Eco-Friendly Wedding Became The Talk Of The Town. See How!

Inspired from yesterday, we found an amazing eco-friendly wedding shot by Studio A. An all in green wedding decor! A new and an innovative idea with detailed planning by Saangya's that went behind in making this an ocular delight for everyone who attended the wedding.Divya from Saangya's details the work that went into it.

The bride's mother who is an active member in the NGO 'Siru Thuli' which works to rejuvenate the water sources in the city of Coimbatore was a real inspiration for this decor to come along. She had decided that she wanted an eco-friendly decor. No previously done ideas were of help because the decor was supposed to be green which was the colour of the bride's saree. That's how 'mola paari' came into the picture.

The preparations started well before three months. The whole process was based on trial and error. Target heights for the saplings were fixed and we started to work on it. So many things were considered as the each type of seed has its own schedule of growth with varied amount of sunlight and water requirements. Then there is an important thing as to how many hours of harsh light it can withstand. All these were tried and checked out to make sure what we can expect. Everything was shown to the client and approved. The saplings even needed to be kept safe during the night due to the chillness and also since it needs to be sprayed water every 2 hours. For the decor we used around 60 trays of plants and we had atleast 300 trays as a backup.

What the bride's mother has to say about the decor:

I am a nature lover and thus the I got involved in 'Siru Thuli' a NGO which plays an important role in preventing environmental degradation by launching drives against non-bio degradable wastes. I wanted my daughter's wedding to be a model one. Divya and Savitha are really creative and open to ideas. They gave us lots of options to consider. Since my daughter's reception saree was green in colour, I wanted to go with mola paari.The design they gave was really amazing and it really came out better than we expected. Divya and Savitha were very patient and gave it their best. They even rejected other clients to make this a success! Great team effort and obviously, the results were exceptional! 20150820-Jai & Swetha-A007-001 20150820-Jai & Swetha-A007-003 1 20150820-Jai & Swetha-A007-016 20150821-Jai & Swetha-A007-443 20150821-Jai & Swetha-A007-445 20150821-Jai & Swetha-A007-451 20150820-Swetha-Jai--A001-DSC06979 20150820-Swetha-Jai--A001-DSC06993 20150821-Jai & Swetha-A007-454 20150820-Swetha-Jai--A001-DSC0666120150820-Swetha-Jai--A001-DSC06741 20150820-Jai & Swetha-A007-013