Tips For Catchy Eye Make Up!

Tips For Catchy Eye Make Up!

Eye make-up can be confusing and here are a few tricks we hope would help you with your daily make-up needs.

Providing A Base  Cover your eyelid, the brow and any dark circles with a specific eye primer or normal primer, followed by a layer of concealer. If you want to draw more attention to your eyes then try contouring with lighter and darker shades of concealer. Providing A Base

Eyes Appear Bigger This is a simple trick used to make you appear more awake and fresh. A thin line of white or silver eyeliner across the waterline of your eyes will give it the illusion of being wide open. You can apply your kajal, black eyeliner and routine eye makeup around this. Eyes Appear Bigger

Tightlining This a tricky step and isn't going to be easy unless you're a pro at make-up. Take your black eyeliner and fill in the base of your lashes after you've put on your mascara. This will give your eyes a fuller look.


Make Your Mascara Thicker The magic here lies in applying a coat of either face powder or baby powder before putting on your mascara. This gives the effect of thicker eyelashes and so the mascara appears darker. Use your mascara wand to separate lashes so they don't clump together. Make Your Mascara Thicker

For People With Glasses I know a lot of people feel that they can't put on any eye make-up if they regularly wear glasses. But it isn't that difficult, less is more when it comes to this situation. Keep your eyelid clean and focus on the lashes, make them thick and dark. Smudged and winged eyeliner will work in your favour.

With Glasses