Top 5 International Resorts For Globe Trotters

Top 5 International Resorts For Globe Trotters

Jade Mountain, St Lucia Welcome to the wild Caribbean! If the clusters of trees and beaches don't entice you, this resort just adds more to your money's worth. The 29 lavish open-air suites are artfully designed to lack a fourth-wall. This way you have a stellar, totally mesmerizing view of the sea and the Piton Mountains. Waking up to a scene like that must be incredible, which is why Jade Mountain is so sought after. Seriously, why would you even want to leave the resort when there's this, an infinity pool with a view, a Jacuzzi and a butler all to yourself! JadeMountain-SaintLucia37 JadeMountain-SaintLucia20 JadeMountain-SaintLucia15 jade JadeMountain-SaintLucia5 Post Ranch Inn, California Towering redwoods, majestic mountains and endless ocean vistas. These are the things that surround you in every direction while staying at the Post Ranch Inn. You can customize your stay here depending on what gets your motors running! There's a specialized spa and Shaman experience lined up for those who want to treat this vacay as a chance to recharge your batteries. For those of you thirsting for something to do; there's everything from helicopter rides, vineyard tours and golfing. post-ranch-inn-california_05_big post-ranch-inn-09 post-5 Villa D'Este - Lake Como, Italy Ever dreamt of being a Prince or Princess when you were little? Ever wanted to know what it felt like to live in a Palace? Well, this is your chance to do it! With a luxurious landscape of terrace gardens, dine-in verandah and an iconic floating pool  the whole renaissance art experience lures you all the way to this Italian Palace! Tucked onto the shores of Lake Como, the Villa D'Este was ranked the best Hotel in the world in 2009 by Forbes Magazine. When cost isn't a concern, you can come be royals in Italy.

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The Mystique  Santorini, Greece This ancient Greek city overlooks hills, water and even a volcano! One of the most surrealistic places to be, the Mystique resort is a swanky cluster of 5-star suites. The white driftwood fa'ade running through the whole expanse gives it a look of an excavated site drifting majestically on the water. The cobblestone pathways ribboning across the whole of Santorini leads up to exhume a sigh taking in the sheer beauty of this hill-decked resort that is lit up in the evenings as the wind carries cries of sea gulls and the smell of sea.

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Turtle Island resorts, Fiji If the countless Sports Illustrated issue covers weren't proof enough, then seeing is believing! This island is hands-down one of the most divinely romantic hide-out of the world. Snorkelling, sailing, trekking, Fiji's got it all! You can even put on your sandals and go community gardening and sample some of the cuisine hand-picked at cooked at these resorts. When the sky dims, out comes the candles and your own butler who's there to satisfy your last whims and fancies. From four-poster beds, to luxury take-aways, the list will make you take a deep breath. So whether it's dinner in the middle of a lake or a sunk-in Jacuzzi in the wilderness, thou shalt be thoroughly pampered.