Vendor Spotlight - Nancy Beauty Clinic

Vendor Spotlight - Nancy Beauty Clinic

I have been in awe of her since the time I was in school! A couple of visits to her parlour have only impressed upon the fact that she is a thorough professional! Read on to know more about Purnima Tanna, the woman behind Erode's first successful parlour exclusively for women ' Nancy Beauty Clinic'. 10685592_468494096626726_922971535397931907_n

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Your life is different, before marriage and after marriage. Coming back to my life before marriage, my father would never let us be idle during vacations and would always insist on learning new things, keeping oneself occupied and be independent. These same thoughts I have passed onto my children. But these thoughts can only be made in reality, if I lead by example. 10523669_432900586852744_1212914109116101857_n

In 1984, I was married, had two kids, which during those days for a woman meant she has done her duty. Now that duty would continue for her entire life. But I also wanted more from life and just didn't want to be a housewife. But I did not know what to do also. 10408560_560266960782772_2900741735289044272_n

Then came that day, where I got my calling. One day my friends were visiting me and in a random discussion, someone suggested that there are no parlours in Erode for women and maybe I could do something about it. This idea hit me and I discussed it with my husband, who was very supportive. 10407322_514086092067526_5784500532708143159_n

My in-laws live in Mumbai and we would visit Mumbai during my children's vacation. These vacations were the days where I started attending beauty courses. I started with basic beauty course, the next vacation would be advanced beauty course and so on and forth. My life was going good, I was a family woman yet an entrepreneur.


I started out and opened my beauty clinic 'Nancy Beauty Clinic' at my home. There were times when I would get only one or two eyebrows in a day. As my kids grew, my parlour also started growing. My parlour become the first one in Erode. 11027482_560267034116098_4196695177566465397_n

Finally the word spread that there is a parlour especially for women and I started getting clients coming to my parlour for their beauty services. I expanded my parlour, learnt new services such as aromatherapy, laser services etc. still am learning and updating myself. 10262173_514085722067563_5814678260266479204_n

Pretty soon I started a beauty academy 'Nancy Beauty Academy of Beauty Therapy and Culture' and teaching students at my parlour. I also conduct beauty seminars and workshops for beauticians and will continue to conduct in future also. 10486134_507178396091629_8478161390839786553_n I always believed in the below statement: 'Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. But teach a woman to fish, and everyone eats for a lifetime' - Ritu Sharma 10394837_468494049960064_2840813970973547462_n

Fortunately, due to God's grace, I am doing well in my life and this would not have been possible without my wonderful support system. My family and my staff.

Address: 3/4 Govindraj Nagar, Erode 638001

Contact Nos: +91 98427 25413, +91 94437 83661