Things A Girl Must Do Before She Says 'I Do'

Things A Girl Must Do Before She Says 'I Do'

Do you feel ready to take that next important milestone in your life called marriage? Give us a minute before you take the plunge! While we really do not want to break the bubble you are floating in right now, let's just be honest with you for a second. Married life may look all hunky dory from outside, but trust us when we say this: You are going to lose that precious thing called freedom! If you are really, really lucky, you'd still lose some. Let's get this straight: Most married women usually end up regretting that they did not live their dreams before starting a life full of responsibilities, kids, household chores and family issues.

Life is short and bachelorette life is still shorter! So why not make the most out of it? We believe that you should... nope, you absolutely MUST have a bucket list of things that you should do before you walk down the aisle. Not sure where to start from? Let's give you some ideas.

1. Finish your education:

The responsibilities after getting married usually get too overwhelming for any woman. Juggling between house hold chores, kids, caring for husband and in-laws leaves a woman will absolutely no time for herself. Unless you are insanely lucky, it's quite possible that you may find yourself having absolutely no time for weekend manicures, forget education. So just to be on the safer side, make sure you graduate before you get hitched. Besides, a good education is something you can always fall back on when the going gets rough.


2.Travel solo

Get out there, create memories, make new friends, learn a new language, travel to a new country and do it all by yourself. Travel helps you find yourself! It helps you grow into a better human. It throws challenges at your face. Tackle them and get married with renewed confidence that you can tackle marriage with better maturity.


3.Get a job and live independently

Having a job and living independently without your family at your every beck and call is a great way to discover what life is all about and how capable you are at handling it. Having a job also gives you self-satisfaction as well as confidence. It gives you an identity that you will like to hold on to after marriage. After marriage, your identity changes to being somebody's wife and somebody's mother, but having a job enables you to see the bigger picture. Outside of all that insanely confounding identity crisis, you are sublimely aware that marriage can only change you that much. You remain what you are - not someone's mother, not someone's wife but a strong, gracious, awesome woman.


4.Start a savings account

Of course, it is only natural to open your own savings account once you have a job. Not only does it help you to understand the dynamics of earning and saving, it also helps you learn how to budget. Besides, it can always help you save for the rainy day.

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5. Mingle while you are single

Fall in love more than once, get your heart broken, go on dates, join a dating site, find what you like and dislike about men. Even if you fall head over heels in love with the wrong guy while you are at it, it's okay! What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger! You will have better understanding of what qualities you want to see in the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. Marriage is a lifelong decision, why not chose with better judgement on your side?


6.Learn Cooking

We have always heard that the way to man's heart is through his stomach. Let's tell you a secret it really is! Other than saving your monthly bills, learning to cook can also keep you and your better-half from starving. Do you need a better reason to cook? I guess not!


7.Take a vacation with your girlfriends

During the courtship period till a few years since marriage, you will probably be floating on cloud nine. You will have eyes only for your man. It is natural and you must make the most of that beautiful period. But at no cost are you to ditch your girl friends! However old you get, you can trust them to stick around. You need them as much as you would need your own family because in their company, you can allow yourself to be yourself. So why not bond while you can? Go on, take that vacation with your best friend. Create pot loads of memory that you can laugh about together! It will be totally worth it.


8.Just for once, be extravagant

Why not? Once you get married, you might rather settle for the jacket you bought at a great price during sales rather than pamper yourself with a stiletto from Prada! You will probably be busy paying off your home loan, worrying about tax or settling electricity bills. There will be children's education, parent's medical bills, monthly groceries and yada yada yada, to be taken care of. So, just to make sure you have lived it up, for once, just for once, live like a royalty!