10 Last Minute Wedding Planning Details You Can’t Afford To Forget!

10 Last Minute Wedding Planning Details You Can’t Afford To Forget!

After days of researching, saving and planning, finally your Big-Day is just around the corner. Does that mean you are free to kick up your feet, I’m afraid NOT!

With your wedding date inching closer, you still need to watch out for few really important details. Fortunately, this isn’t something that you can't handle! (When you have planned the entire wedding extravaganza this is a piece of cake for you.)

These last minute details might not be as enjoyable as some of the other activities you did thus far. Finding you perfect wedding attire, sampling food, deciding on flowers and getting makeup trials are all fun activities, in comparison these last minute to-do’s might seem a lot less glamorous, yet you can’t afford to overlook these details!

To take some stress off of your shoulders we've charted out 10 last minute details you simply can’t afford to forget and why:

1.       Get your bridal outfit at least a week early because you must ensure it’s prim and proper and there’s no need for any last minute alterations.

2.       Prepare an emergency kit that has

- Aspirin (when Mr. Headache makes an appearance on your wedding day Aspirin would seem more important than the groom!)

- Makeup and hairspray (when do you not carry these?)

- Safety Pins (it’s your anti wardrobe malfunction tool)

- Mints (for when you whisper sweet nothings in your beaus ears)

3.       Confirm with all of your vendors (caterer, decorator, florist, banquet manager) whether the arrangements are geared up or not. Prepare cheques for the vendors. Confirm your photographers booking and time of arrival. You don’t want to waste even a minute of behind the scenes bridal action!

4.       Contact your Makeup Artist a day before the wedding to find what time he/she is coming. Ask them if they want you to do some pre-preparations.

5.       Designate a friend as the person in charge and give them the itinerary, event managers contact information, guestbook, favors, place cards etc. Also ask them to arrange for transportation from home to parlor and then from parlor to your wedding venue.

6.       Plan your pre-ceremony meals wisely; being a busy bride doesn’t mean you have to starve. Have someone bring you snacks and water throughout the day and another great option is to keep energy bars handy to keep yourself fed on the go.

7.       Keep your night dress handy – after hours of wedding rituals when you finally get a chance for few hours of shut eye you wouldn’t want to dig into that overloaded suitcase to search for your night gown. Also ensure that your overnight bag and make up kit are well packed.

8.       Pee! Not joking! Think about peeing in your pricey and weighty wedding dress, petrified aren’t we? My suggestion –visit the Loo before you head out for the wedding venue and do what needs to be done!

9.       Remind Mr. Groom about the marriage license (delegation of boring chores is the key to enjoying your wedding day).

10.   Last but not the least check with mom and dad to ensure they are not getting too emotional or stressed out. Don’t forget to wear that beautiful smile of yours and most importantly enjoy your Wedding Celebrations!

In the end

Reference this list in your final days of wedding planning so that all the hard work you had put in earlier won’t get wasted because of one tiny mishap!