10 Draping Styles That Easily Add Glamour To Your Saree

10 Draping Styles That Easily Add Glamour To Your Saree

Today's brides love experimenting and do not hold back from trying new and different styles. So we found 10 draping styles that can be easily used to add some glam effect to the good old bridal sari. Now, some of these styles might be from other parts of the country and might not be socially acceptable on your wedding day, so save them for your other functions like Sangeet, Mehendi and Reception.

Nivi Sari Style

This is the traditional sari draping style, which will stay elegant forever. There is a reason why actresses like Deepika Padukone and Asin still go back to this drape, not only is it simple but it enhances the traditional Indian curves in a very flattering manner.1

The Bengali Drape It looks like the most difficult drape out there, but it actually isn't, the process is quite simple and takes just one YouTube tutorial to figure out. It has a certain charm, especially the remarkable boldness that a Bengali woman portrays at a Durga puja cue Bipasha Basu. c51fd7ac098aa2813c4b315d277c1787

Gujarati Sari Drape

This draping style has become incredibly popular thanks to all the TV shows with gorgeous Gujarati women and their perfectly pleated saris. Draped mostly like the Navi Sari, the only difference is that the pallu goes over the right shoulder, a little behind. This sari draping style is what you should pick if you if have an embellished blouse that you want to show off.

Marathi Sari Drape

The Marathi style drape has become increasingly uncommon and is no longer seen unless at weddings or special traditional occasions. However, it is the most comfortable draping style out there, originally made to make women comfortable when they work. Plus, it looks very quirky and makes a bold statement.


Mermaid Style Sari

Adopted from the original mermaid style outfits, this draping style is figure hugging and flatters the hips. It tightens against the body and flares again at the bottom. Recommended for petite women, it is also very comfortable as the pallu isn't in the way and is safely tucked behind.

Mumtaz Style Drape

Inspired by the legend Mumtaz's style of dressing, this drape is a retro delight. This draping style has no pleats and the sari is often made to fit into just this drape, with a narrowing border that fits like a wraparound around the body.06

Open Pallu Sari

Most of the social events see celebrities sporting this type of sari drape. Because it looks classy and exceptionally elegant, and also shows off all your curves. It has no pleats and if you're okay with carrying it off then you can bet you'll look chic and sophisticated.

Pant Style Drape

Now this drape has an open slit at the side with no petticoat, and can be paired with leggings underneath. This is the right choice if you're looking for an indo-western look and you can spice things up with printed leggings and a bold belt if you want to experiment.

Kerala Style Drape

Closer to home, the Kerala style drape or Mundu Neriyathum has two parts to a sari that are draped separately and one is tucked behind. This looks best in the traditional white sari with golden border and gives a very clean, simple and minimalist look.

Lehenga Drape

Now this is barely a sari but can easily pass off as one. The concept is to tie your duppatta around the lehenga and over the blouse like a makeshift pallu, giving the illusion of a sari.