10 Gorgeous Wedding Gown Styles Every Christian Bride Should Take Pointers From!

10 Gorgeous Wedding Gown Styles Every Christian Bride Should Take Pointers From!

Christian Bride who prefers A Wedding Gown? Here are some beautiful dreamy shots and dress designs for you to try on. There are specific types of wedding gowns for different body shapes. A careful selection of knowing what compliments your body shape is definitely the first thing that you need to look into if you're a bride who prefers to wear a Wedding Gown at the wedding. Fabric is another important factor. Certain fabrics go well with the style you prefer to wear. Getting help from a professional designer to design you Wedding Gown would be the wisest way to go. Here are a few pictures of brides who certainly pulled of their Wedding Gowns elegantly!

 1. A Drop-Waist Style Wedding Gown makes sure the body shape is clear and gives a beautiful flair right below the waist.

Photo Credits: Wedd Art Photography  

2. An A-Line style Wedding Gown, compliments every body type. In fact this is one of the most popular styles of wedding gowns. Make it an absolute tube upper body or a laced neck, anything goes well with A-Line gowns.

Wedding Gown Replace- 2

Photo Credits: Neeta Shankar  

3. Ball-Gowns are gorgeous! They give out beautiful silhouettes of the bride. Voluminous cloth below is the highlight with this style. Intricate lace works on strapped backs are becoming popular among the brides these days!

Wedding Gown Replace- 3

Picture Credits: Photographs by Siddharth Sharma  

4. Be sure to also try on some elegant neck and bodice styles. It adds to the look of the Gown!

Picture Credits: AJ Photography  

5. A beautiful Drop-Waist style, loosened sleeves give a vintage style to the dress. Elegance is the word!

Wedding Gowns - 5

Picture Credits : Creative Wedding Photography  

6. Gown with long lacey sleeves with intricate embroidery on was such a delight to watch on a bride! Be sure the shape of the gown brings out the right curves on you. Laces and Embroidery work create beautiful designs on a Wedding Gown.

Wedding Gowns- 6

Picture Credits: Zero Gravity  

7. A Vintage looking gown is any day a delight to the eyes. Closed neck, gorgeous lace work and a smile that can surely melt hearts are things that women have been gracefully treasuring through the ages. What better that a Vintage-Style wedding gown to highlight that?

Picture Credits: Lumiere Wedding Company  

8. This is one of the most graceful and elegant A-Line Wedding gowns that we've come across on a bride. Another style of gown that goes well with every body type. Make sure the right fabrics are used to get a flow look on the dress.

Picture Courtesy: Studio A (Amar Ramesh)  

9. A Drop-Waist style gown with a beautiful long-tail is quite the classy look. The bride needs to decide on how long and flared the tail of the Wedding Gown needs to be, especially on styles like Drop-Waist and Mermaid styles.


Picture Credits: Aa Photography (Ashok Arsh)  

10. A gorgeously designed Trumpet Style Wedding Gown is every Hourglass-figured bride's choice. A curve hugging style that flairs below compliments all the right curves.