10 Reasons Why Your Best Friend's Wedding Is The Most Special Event Ever

10 Reasons Why Your Best Friend's Wedding Is The Most Special Event Ever

It's your Best Friend's Wedding! Your best friend is finally getting married, her special day is here and it is your responsibility to make sure it goes exactly the way you guys planned when you were teenagers. The man of her dreams is there, but you as her bridesmaid need to make this the wedding of her dreams. The perk though is that you'll enjoy it as much as her, probably even more! Mainly because it promises you the following:

1. Unlimited shopping for one of the most special days of her life, take her to the most expensive studio out there and indulge in the guilty pleasure.


2. The minute details of the wedding are in your hands but you feel good about the responsibility. Her family doesn't mind though, her uncle and aunts know you are and they love you. 2

3. You get to be the second most beautiful girl in the room, after her you get all the attention and the spotlight. So look your best, nobody will judge you for being decked up. 3

4. You get to organise the wedding that she has looked forward to and planned since you two were 15, because obviously you know her best!


5. You have the opportunity to throw her an amazing bachelorette party for the last night of her single life. So pour in the drinks and the bad boys.

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6. Dance, and then dance some more. Nobody could be happier than you are, she is finally getting what she's always wanted and it's time to party.

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7. Threatening the groom is a fun responsibility, he can't hurt her and you as a best friend are entitled to remind him of the consequences of breaking her heart.


8. You get to see her dream wedding come alive, shed tears of happiness, she is going to have her happily ever after and you are a part of it.


9. Now that she is no longer single, you can keep all the boys. The wedding is your playground, go crazy lady.


10. You might even end up finding your prince charming, he's out there and maybe her special day would turn into yours as well!