15 Of Chennai’s Top-Notch Wedding Planners – Part 2

Featuring Part 2 of the best, classic and unique Wedding planners of Chennai in no particular order.

Epic Weddings

Epic wedding offers you with all the essential and customized planning services that you need for your wedding. Above all this, their perfect planning with trustworthy associates can assure you a qualitative delivery on your D-Day!

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Vida weddings

At Vida Weddings, they customise it to suit your every wedding need and of course your budget. They believe in creating unique, unforgettable moments for you and your special half. Vida offers a range of services with attention to the smallest of details. 1935162_928603343861458_5572964866575722414_n 10407639_866939480027845_6463599511517921352_n 11188248_827447013977092_3933007086776858494_n

Subha Mugurtham

Subha Mugurtham Wedding Planner harnesses the power of emotion to make your most important day less stressful and more beautiful. They listen to their client's needs and vision and exceed their expectations. Picture29 Picture22Picture25


The brainchild of twenty three year old Nisha Kandhari in partnership with Model Akash kapoor gives you much more than mere event consultations and quotes.A place where detailing and tradition is as valuable as style, Anyonya provides consultation, design, co-ordination and execution of your event. From catering and logistics to decor and photography, Anyonya takes pride in its ability to create the perfect ambience, blending Indian culture with global trends by managing all festivities to the last detail.

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Mehak Wedding Planners

Mehak Wedding planners innovate, create and customize your big day just the way you want it. They also give you the ease to even collaborate with other vendors of your choice because ultimately the need of the couple comes first.

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Samaritan Events

Samaritan Events, ensure that each of your celebrations reflect your individuality, match your design aesthetic and of course, fit within your budget! Whether it is a beautifully designed Wedding, a fun filled Bridal/Baby Shower, a lavish Social Event, a festive Christmas party, an elegant Soiree, or just about anything you wish to celebrate, they have a passion for perfection, an eye for detail, the flair and skill to design the celebration of your dreams. 11391465_1120806821268440_5738071688961191372_n 11011034_1112320535450402_8604484996448138396_n 11214258_1148661238482998_4696263343384436019_n 11267184_1113900818625707_5485296047960066143_n

Mark 1

Mark 1 Decors is a team of Wedding planners with the ability and passion to organize and execute exceptionally premium weddings. Based in Coimbatore, our capabilities reach far and wide planning weddings in multi-city. Mark 1 has an extensive network of resources, allowing flexibility for various kinds of weddings. 11225437_719401501495189_4086325376498483610_n 11225437_719402811495058_8975302467478670866_n 12360408_719402694828403_3180464639979295705_n 12376007_719402668161739_6686627922011695230_n

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