20 Brides Who Picked Matching Flower Jadas

20 Brides Who Picked Matching Flower Jadas

Flower Jadas have found a national market, with brides of famous designers walking the ramps with embellished hair styles. Our traditional South Indian weddings have their own set of head gears that are absolutely stunning and can be customized to match all your requirements. Depending on where your preferences lie, you can pick a floral based design or something with a lot of gold work and hints of flowers scattered around. Patterns are also easily accessible, especially if you're wearing a floral sari, the flower jada can match your it perfectly. However, one thing we ask you to keep in mind is to not get carried away and pick the heaviest one they have to offer, instead chose something you know you can wear comfortably without causing yourself uneasiness throughout the function. Here we bring you 20 brides who had the perfect flower jada to match their saris: (More Jada Inspirations here)

Splash of colour looks brilliant for a day wedding Her hair resembles a gorgeous sunrise04

An unusual choice that looks stunning06

Love the Hints of Blue Peaking Out12

We Love The Symmetry

A Burst of Refreshing Orange

The Perfect Pick for a Royal Wedding20

Traditional and matches her jewellery07

Red is Every Bride's Favorite        18

Complimenting colours are the safest bet         05                          

These royal shades of purple                            03 

Her Hair is Such A Beautiful Mess                       15

These Large Flowers Catch Attention                14

A bold pattern that catches attention                                    08

Alternate bright and jeweled flowers                                             10

An almost surreal combination of pink and white                          01

The Perfect Waterfall of White Flowers                                                                 11

This orange and golden delight                                                                   02

Delicate Motifs Look Great                                                                                17

For the Bold Bright Bride                                                                                                      19  

Picture Source : Makeup by Vejetha Anand, Pelli Poola Jada, Moggini Jada