5 Reasons To Pick Comfort Over Glamour On Your Wedding Day

Designers are switching to the minimalist look this bridal season, it is time that Indian brides stop making sacrifices and pick their comfort over the stereotypical glamorous bride. We give you 5 easy ways to switch things up. Avoid Discomfort If you pick something with a corset, a strappy blouse or a large flare, chances are you will spend a huge part of your own wedding fixing yourself. This will not only ruin various moments, but taint memories too, you'll never forget the discomfort. 01
Dancing is Priority Imagine 6 feet heels that keep getting stuck in your lehenga, and dunking into the mud if it's an outdoor wedding, sounds like a nightmare! Instead switch to flats if you're comfortable with not gaining height, or pick wedge heels if you need the extra inches. This will not just ensure that you don't trip and fall, but also give you the freedom to dance with your friends and family, till the sun rises. 02
Weigh it Right Brides often opt for heavy outfits that weigh twice their size! Do not make that mistake, you don't want to worry about losing your balance mid-ceremony. Why add unnecessary stress to such a happy occasion? 03
Elegance is Timeless Years down the line, the trends would have vanished, but the classics always stay elegant. So pick something that isn't too loud or ostentatious, even though it may seem in at the moment, it will eventually go out of fashion. 04
Avoid Trauma You definitely do not want to spend the next day, especially if there if a follow up event, nursing yourself. Which is why you should at all costs avoid shoe bites, sore shoulder or any other discomfort you can physically cause and just enjoy yourself. 05