A Style That Was Made Viral By Actress Sneha!! Do You Still Have This On Your Wishlist?

Let's go a little bit back in time, shall we? ThisNethiChutti design totally got the to-be-brides of 2014 going crazy about it. Not just because it was Sneha, but because her style and choices when it comes to outfits and accessories are ultimate pointers for women who love 'Lady-Like' elegant looks, in the south. We were not surprised to have received a gazillion enquiries on this particularNethi Chutti design after it went viral with Sneha wearing it during her gorgeous wedding with Actor Prasanna.

Here's what a bride Dhanusiya says!"Just like every other bride-to-be, I was also very excited and particular about how am I going to look on my big day...Be it the accessories or the sarees, the blouses the garlands, the decoration and the wedding cake, I wanted to have something very unique that fitted my budget.. I planned to wear my own ornaments for all the 4 days of my wedding events, out of which I was very particular to wear a traditional yet trendy kemp nethi chitti for the Muhurtham. I was so very particular about this because all other jewels can be worn for other occasions as well but the traditional kemp nethi chutti is the only ornament that will make a bride stand distinguished as it can be worn only for our own wedding. I was always in love with actress Sneha's wedding nethi chutti and since then I was longing to hunt for something similar to that. Believe me or not I longed and struggled for months together roaming along the streets of Chennai and other places to find out something that satisfied me. Finally I happened to meet a person to whom I was able to explain my expectation and he was ready to get it done for me... That's when I got the three be-jewelled lines that came together along with a big pendant that kisses my forehead!"

So here's the actual question that is going to help a lot of brides out there. It's your turn!

Are you one of those brides who turned the city inside-out to find your choice of Nethi Chutti designs? If so, did you finally find it? Where did you pick it from?

Do not forget to comment right here. It would be of great help to other brides who might be in search of it. Go ahead, do your little part to show some love for those gorgeous To- Be- Brides out there!

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