All The Right Lifestyle Tips You Need To Prep For Your Big Day- Part 2!

All The Right Lifestyle Tips You Need To Prep For Your Big Day- Part 2!

Fitness Mistakes to Avoid – Fitness

The human body works in different ways. In our journey to acquire a fit and healthy body, we often don't understand what works for us. Hence, it's crucial to understand the fitness mistakes we make and avoid them. Here are a few common fitness mistakes that we need to avoid from C. Jayashree, a fitness therapist with extensive knowledge in fitness and training.

Fitness Mistakes To Avoid

Many people don’t warm up before starting the workout. Warm up is crucial for your muscles to start working. Be cautious that you’re not doing the same exercises throughout your workout.

Having a wide diversity in your workout routines will help you achieve the best out of your workout plan.

Your body has a way of communicating with you. It will give you signals and send you messages notifying you that it’s tired. Listen to your body and make sure that you give it as much rest as it needs.

Many might want to achieve a fitness goal physically but they don’t accept it mentally. Accept your goal and work towards it with an open mind.

Prepping For Your Big Day

With many pictures and videos being taken, it's important to be perfect for your big day. It's crucial for you to stay stress-free. Stay calm and plan every aspect of your big day, from dresses to jewels and make-up. This will keep you stay organised, calm and stress-free. It's also crucial for you to get enough sleep so that you are dressed to kill on your big day.


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