An enchanting floral décor, just what you need for your big day!

Décor provides the atmosphere for any function be it a wedding or a simple birthday party. @the-event-tale# by Shopzters recently planned an event where the entire décor for the event exuded class and sophistication. Let us have a look at the décor and it’s elegant elements.


The décor’s center piece was this boho inspired floral arch that looked chic and classy. The arch’s fame was done with wooden braches and decorated with carnation, roses, lilies and baby’s breath. It was further stylized by hanging rustic light bulbs which made the décor super charming!


The entrance to the event was decorated with dreamy drapes that were off white and the entire roof was lit by magical yellow tiny light bulbs. Ferns and white orchid flowers added to the allure in the walk way and it provided the perfect backdrop for selfies and group photos.



The accessories added to the décor is what made the entire look perfect. The beautiful light bulbs across the peach shaded screens added to the attraction of the backdrop.

Another floral arch at the sides of the stage looked delightful. The floral archway was decorated by white, peach and pink roses looked right out of fairytale!

 Another eye catching prop used was the white bird cages that were decorated by carnations and ferns. It looked cute and elegant going well with the entire theme of the décor.

 The white orchid and ferns in the entrance walkway was picturesque and very striking.

 The stage was lined with pretty bouquet of flowers and graceful lanterns with small candles adding to the bohemian charm of the décor.

 We love the center of the stage décor which is refreshing with beautiful greens framed by a circular floral frame providing a magical backdrop for the entire event.

 Added attraction to the event was the kathakali performers who welcomed the guests with their beautiful and unique style of dancing. The décor and the simple perfections sure made the event memorable and exceptional.