Boutique Of The Month - September'15

Boutique Of The Month - September'15

From conventional to Indo-Western and everything traditional to modern! To achieve the stunning look you desire, you just need to do one thing. Check out Jade by Monica and Karishma and flaunt yourself with their beautifully designed amazing collections! Happy to feature Jade as the Boutique of the month.

JADE is born of a fiercely creative spirit and a unique sensibility. Launched in October 2008 by designers Monica & Karishma, JADE is today synonymous with discreet luxury and dynamic harmony.

Monica and Karishma found their calling in fashion early. Monica discovered her innate talent and love for draping at Central Saint Martins, London while Karishma honed her skills in fashion at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, India's premier fashion institute. Having been successfully researching and consulting for internationally acclaimed fashion labels for over a decade, they felt a yearning to chart a different course. JADE is the culmination of this yearning.

Their collections have a distinctly global feel which is a reflection their experience in international fashion. Their ability to create timeless pieces representing traditional Indian crafts and heritage in a distinct and refreshing new avatar for today's global woman sets their creations apart. 

- Monica and Karishma 11182246_967110596654240_9064190280987592977_n   Since the opening of their boutique in Mumbai, the JADE saree along with the JADE Bridal Lehenga have been the most sought after garments.



JADE - Bridal Heirlooms is our endeavour to bring to life the celebration that is India. Each piece is redolent of India's splendour and heritage. It is our tribute to India for every bride to cherish.

At JADE the saree is revered and each saree is worked on with the respect this age old garment deserves.

"The saree is our ideal canvas and in many ways a reflection of JADE's design philosophy of effortless elegance. The allure and the sheer expressive magnitude of the saree is incomparable. The play of colours, fabrics and draping makes the saree an absolute joy to design."


Vermillion, Kalash, and Jewel are our three signature lines.

Bridal Heirlooms VERMILLION

The colours of India, its diversity, traditions and mystery are the inspirations behind collection

Vermillion Traditional Indian motifs are hand worked to bring every piece to life.

Bridal Heirlooms KALASH

Kalash represents abundance, wisdom, and immortality. Hues of gold, silver, copper, and bronze come together in stunning harmony in this collection.

Bridal Heirlooms JEWEL

Jewel is designed for the modern day princess. The collection brings to life the glory and splendour reminiscent of the era of the Maharaja's. Each creation is a jewel worthy of a princess.


After completing six years in 2014, JADE achieved an important milestone when M & K Couture Studio was launched. Conceived to be an inspirational space where our special clientele, particularly brides, can be attended to, the studio hosts the most exclusive of our couture pieces. 11046482_938442456187721_1760601196883799406_n Decked in rustic interiors, the studio is situated in Lower Parel and spread over 5000 square feet. With a mix of decor elements evoking the image of a royal chamber, it houses some rare antiques from Monica and Karishma's personal collections Complementing the couture ensembles is the Customised Trousseau Packaging service offered by the studio which includes trousseau trunks, shoes, bags and silverware.



Driven by a passion for the arts, Monica and Karishma established JADE in 2008. It all began as a plush boutique on Peddar Road, Mumbai, and opened its doors in November 2008 to great reviews.


The store takes after its home; Mumbai the city of dreams. Mumbai's energy and contradictions are evident. The store is a tribute to the city's spirit and to its acceptance of all.


Deliberately aged walls of the store exude inviting warmth. Time stands still and the sense of luxury flows from the decor to the collections and vice-versa.