Brides And Beautiful Shoes

Brides And Beautiful Shoes

Next on your check list after the bridal wear will be your perfect looking shoes to match them. You will be looking for something beautiful that really goes well with your dress. Take our advice and DO NOT FORGET to get something that you are totally comfortable in because you are the one who is going to be standing in them for hours together.

So what type of shoe suits you best on your wedding day?

In all your years of trying out different shoes you would definitely know what kind of shoe suits you and which you are so much comfortable in. But in case, you are the one who doesn't go experimenting on shoes, now will be the right time. Give importance to the shoe shopping as you would to your bridal wear. Take your time and observe how they feel on your feet. This doesn't take necessarily the whole day, but if you must then let it be. This is as important as all the other things in your wedding.

Different choices

Wedges or stilettos

If you are a bride who short and want to look tall you should definitely go for either wedges or a stiletto that is if you are rather comfortable in your high heels. Wedges are more about comfort when you go for heels. If you are little unsure about yourself wearing high heels go for the wedges. But eventually you have to learn to be comfortable in them to help you gain confidence. Stilettos would be a perfect choice for brides who are already confident about their walking in them.



Open or closed

This depends on what else you are going to club with your shoes. If you are planning to add accessories with your shoes like an anklet or a toe ring then opt for opened shoes so it will all go well together. If not you can choose the closed one if that's what you like.



Trendy or traditional

Now, this is where your wedding outfit comes to play. Think about your wedding outfit if you have chosen a dress gown you can go for the trendy yet classy shoes available or if you have sided towards a lehenga or a saree you can go for the classy traditional ones.



With or without accessories

In most of your cases you might be required to wear a toe ring which might also be one of your ceremonies. So, think about a proper shoe that would go with it. If it is your choice of whether to wear an accessory then choose it wisely.



Gold or silver

Wearing gold or silver footwear for your wedding is the most elegant of choices. But if you are thinking of something different to try then go for it. Try a colourful or contrast shoe. But again, make sure it works well with your outfit.



Comfort Before All

Don't forget our motto when it comes bridal footwear - 'Comfort Before All'. It is the most important thing after all.